25 Lucrative Forex Affiliate Programs You Need To Sign Up For TODAY

If you run a publication on investing, you already know how important it is to maximize your returns. While forex can be a powerful form of investing, bloggers and authority site owners who genuinely want to improve earnings can offer forex affiliate programs to help accomplish these goals.

Best Forex Affiliate Programs To Monetize Your Site

Is affiliate marketing worth it? Yes, but you must keep a few things in mind. When recommending forex affiliate programs or any other type of investing affiliate program, it’s crucial to only work with programs you fully trust. 

Each of the below affiliate programs has been selected based on this criteria and comes with a solid reputation.

1. In The Money Stocks

In The Money Stocks is a publication geared toward helping traders beat the industry spread. Founded by renowned traders Gareth Soloway and Nick Santiago, the website has grown into a powerhouse of information and education.

Along with advanced education courses, they offer a live day trading room with a consistent historical trading record. The In The Money Stocks affiliate program offers commissions on their various programs and courses.

  • Commission Rate: Undisclosed
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

2. Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is a trading platform that allows users to trade Forex, contracts for differences (CFDs), metals, stocks, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The platform operates globally and is licensed by regulators in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Estonia, and Australia. 

The Admiral Markets affiliate program allows you to capitalize on the trading activity of each referral you send to the platform. They offer a revenue-sharing program and generous commissions for each referral.

  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

3. Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy is a trading tool that scans for currency pairs on custom timeframes to help spot trends and optimize trading outcomes. Some of the features of the tool include live charts, email alerts and live notifications, automated chart analysis, and more.

As with any trading program, it’s important that you test the tool personally before recommending it to your audience. The affiliate program is in-house and didn’t reveal too much about the commission rate and cookie duration. You can sign up for the program through the provided contact form. 

  • Commission Rate: Undisclosed
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

4. FPM Global

FPM Global, which stands for Financial Partners Marketing, is an affiliate network that works exclusively with various financial offers. 

At the time of writing the platform worked with two specific offers, Libertex and All-in-One Crypto. Libertex is a broker that supports Forex, commodities, crypto, and over two hundred unique financial instruments.

The affiliate program offers various ways to get paid including a revenue share and a fixed commission for each qualified trader you refer. There is also the option of up to 50% gross revenue share for every time a referral makes a trade.

  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: FPM Global

5. Forexmentor

For new traders, education can be one of the most powerful tools to help avoid losing tons of money while learning the ropes. Forexmentor is one of the oldest Forex training platforms around helping new traders learn the fundamentals. 

The platform offers over thirty different products ranging from DVDs to online courses that you can earn commissions on. Their affiliate program offers a generous 30% commission for each sale with a solid 60-day cookie window.

  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Program: ShareASale

6. Tradeology

Tradeology is another educational platform with a plethora of courses and guides to help aspiring Forex traders learn the ropes. The website was started by Adrian Jones, who has successfully mentored thousands of students since the founding of Tradeology.

The Tradology affiliate program offers publishers a substantial 50% commission which works out to be around $249 for the initial sale and an extra $49 for upsells. The platform offers multiple products, increasing the likelihood one of your referrals will find what they need.

  • Commission Rate: 50%
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

7. BlackBull Markets

BlackBull Markets is a New Zealand-based broker that supports Forex, index funds, commodities, precious metals, energy, and share trading. The company has been in business since 2014 and focused on developing a strong technological foundation to provide traders with the best experience possible.

Their affiliate program promises solid returns through a cost per action of up to $700. The program is managed in-house and offers unlimited earning potential along with incentivised bonuses.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $700 per-client
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

8. Swissquote

Swissquote is a Switzerland-based trading group that specializes in online financial and trading services. The company has offices in six other countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

The platform offers a range of services including funds, bonds, equities, warrants, options, futures, Forex, and more. Users can also utilize the traditional banking services offered by the company.

The Swissquote affiliate program offers a CPA of between 500 and 800 Euros each month. You can benefit from multi-lingual marketing materials in seven different languages and advanced tracking for improved attribution.

  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

9. Orbex

Orbex is a global Forex broker in business since 2011. The company is licensesd and regulated in the Republic of Mauritius and offers over 300 financial instruments. It should be noted this is a global platform but does not offer services in the United States and some other countries.

The affiliate program offers up to a $1,500 cost per action. The program is in-house and offers automated tracking and statistics so you can easily see how well your links are performing. 

  • Commission Rate: Up to $1500 CPA
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

10. AVA Trade

AVA Trade is major global Forex trading platform headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company was founded in 2006 and has grown to become a global trusted trading platform. Traders can work with Forex as well as stocks, bonds, ETFs, and commodities on contracts for differences (CFDs).

The AVA Trade affiliate program offers publishers a potentially lucrative program to monetize traffic. As of 2021, the company had paid out over $250 million in commissions. They offer advanced marketing strategies for a better conversion rate.

  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

11. FxPro

FxPro is a well-capitalized and popular broker headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company has been around since 2006 and has a solid reputation with four stars and above on almost all platforms.

Some of the services offered by FxPro include Forex, futures, indices, metals, energies, crypto, and more. They offer various tools such as Forex news aggregation, economic calendars, and many others to help investors.

The FxPro affiliate program offers affiliates a solid way to monetize traffic through a high-earning program. Affiliates can earn up to $1,100 per client introduced to the platform.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $1,100
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house


Exness is a Forex trading platform headquareted on the island of Cyprus. The platform has been around since 2008 and offers trading for Forex, metals, crypto, and more. It should be noted that the reviews of Exness are mixed with some personal reviews quite high but low scores on Trust Pilot.

The Exness affiliate program offers a generous compensation of up to $1,850 per referral that signs up and makes a deposit. They also pay per lead of up to $45 for every registration. 

  • Commission Rate: Up to $1850 CPA and $45 CPL
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

13. eToro Partner Program

eToro is a social investing platform that offers a range of services including crypto, stocks, commodities, and currencies. It should be noted that the platform does not allow Forex trading from United States residents. Overall, the platform has a solid reputation with four stars and above on major review platforms.

The eToro affiliate program is on the lower end in terms of cost per action compared to some of the other programs on this list. Affiliates can earn between $100 and $250 depending on factors like what country the referral resides in.

  • Commission Rate: $100 – $250 CPA
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

14. XM

XM is  a fairly large online broker established in 2009. The company has well over five million customers and as of 2022 had executed over 240 million trades. Judging from the many review platforms, most customers are quite happy as the average rating is over four stars out of five.

The XM affiliate program is on the lower side in terms of commissions but does offer some benefits that can’t be overlooked. For one, the payout is weekly, ensuring that you receive more consistent cash flow than with monthly programs. Also, you have a personal account manager and real-time reporting to see how you are performing. 

  • Commission Rate: Up to $10 per lot and 10% on second tier referrals
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

15. Forex Affiliate

forexAffiliate is the affiliate program for the broker easyMarkets. The easyMarkets platform allows for the trading of currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies, metals, commodities, and more. Users can be reassured by the extensive history of the company and high ratings on sites like Trust Pilot.

The forexAffiliate program offers a variable rating depending on which country your referrals are from. Overall, the commission level is okay and beats out some other programs. However, the reputation of the company can help with driving more referrals.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $600 CPA
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

16. Auto FX Pro

Auto FX Pro is a Forex automation tool that allows users to save time while setting up their trades and potentially trade more consistently and in a more professional fashion. The tool offers a range of helpful features including trade copiers and news trading.

The Auto FX Pro affiliate program offers a generous commission level of between 20% and 30% depending on how many referrals you direct to the company.

  • Commission Rate: 20% – 30%
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

17. HotForex Partners

HotForex is a trading platform where users can work with everything from Forex to metals, energies, bonds, stocks, and more. Some of the features of the platform include over fifty currency pairs. 

The HotForex affiliate program offers up to $15 per lot plus an added benefit of 25% on sub-affiliates. One other benefit is that they offer weekly payments which can help keep your cash flow consistent.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $15 per lot
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

18. Questrade

Questrade is one of the oldest trading sites on the web. Founded in 1999, the company has grown into a full-function trading platform with options for pre-built and managed portfolios as well as options for do-it yourself portfolio trading and management.

Aside from forex, Questrade users can work with ETFs, options, stocks, mutual funds, IPO deals, CFDs, bonds, precious metals, international equities, and GICs.

The Questrade affiliate program offers users a flat referral rate which differs from many of the other programs. Overall, this is one of the lower commission rates in the Forex industry.

  • Commission Rate: $70 per referral
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

19. Prime XBT

Prime XBT offers a platform for users at all levels to trade various markets including Forex, commodities, stock, crypto, and more. 

The company is headquareted out of St. Vincent and The Grenadines and offers a few core features beneficial to traders such as copy trading and price charts.

The Prime XBT affiliate program is on the higher end and offers up to $1,000 CPA for every qualified trader who registers.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $1,000 CPA
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

20. Libertex

Libertex is another trading platform based out of St. Vincent and The Grenadine. The company has been in business since 1997 and is one of the oldest platforms around with high reviews on various Forex and investment review sites.

Along with Forex, the Libertex platform allows for investors to trade ETFs, crypto, metals, stocks, indices, and more. Users can benefit from features such as extensive educational materials, news, economic calendars, and other resources designed to help clients.

The Libertex affiliate program offers affiliates a chance to capitalize using the good reputation of the company. Of note is that this program is only available in a limited number of places excluding the United States.

  • Commission Rate: Undisclosed
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

21. Pepperstone

Pepperstone is a highly rated broker offering traders access to the Forex markets, crypto, ETFs, indices, commodities, and more. The company has been around since 2010 and holds four stars and above across a variety of review platforms.

The company offers various features and benefits to traders such as market analysis, trading and automation tools, an API, plus many other features. Other benefits include educational guides for beginners looking to learn FX, CFDs, crypto, and share trading.

The Pepperstone affiliate program offers affiliates up to $1,300 CPA based on a multi-tier commission structure. Some of the other benefits of the program include advanced real-time tracking, flexible payout, and global sales specialists to support your digital presence.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $1,300 CPA
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

22. FXCM

FXCM is a zero-commission trading platform which is a newer trend that’s taken over the investing industry. The company has all four- to five-star reviews across many popular review platforms and has a long history since 1999. 

The platform offers investors access to markets including FX, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and others. Some of the benefits, aside form the zero-commission trading, include market analysis, educational guides for beginner investors, and more.

The FXCM affiliate program offers up to $750 per qualified client referral. The program offers affiliates benefits such as performance overview reports, marketing materials, regular payments, and a dedicated affiliate manager.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $750
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

23. The Traders Union

Traders Union is a bit different than many of the other affiliate programs on this list. Instead of being a broker or software provider, the website is geared towards traders who want to learn more about the brokers they trade with and how reputable they are.

The Traders Union website provides benefits such as lifelong concessions, broker comparisons, broker ratings, profit calculators, and many more benefits.

For affiliates, the Traders Union offers a very generous multi-tier referral of 5% to 10%. One of the great things about the program is that you are earning a percentage of the income generated by each referral over the lifetime of the referral trades, which can add up.

  • Commission Rate: 10% for first-tier referral, 5% for second-tier referral
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

24. Moneta Markets

Moneta Markets is a broker based out of the Cayman Islands with a solid reputation for reliability, low trading fees, and good service. The company offers traders access to the Forex market along with indices, commodities, and CFDs.

The Moneta Markets affiliate program is a good option if you’re looking for high-paying programs. Affiliates can earn up to a $1,200 CPA assuming they refer a certain number of people. Payouts for Moneta Markets can be quite high for top affiliates to the tune of tens of thousands each month.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $1,200
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

25. AdroFx

AdroFx is the final broker on our list and one of the newer ones, founded in 2018. The company is regulated and has headquarters in a few different places including St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Vanuatu, and Saint Lucia. 

Along with Forex, AdroFx offers investors access to stock, crypto, and indices CFDs. Some of the benefits of the platform include educational videos and eBooks for beginner and intermediate traders, a Forex calculator, trading signals, and more.

The AdroFx affiliate program offers affiliates a CPA of up to $1,200 presenting a solid opportunity to earn decent profits. Earning potential is unlimited and affiliates are given benefits such as marketing tools and assets.

  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Cookie Duration: Undisclosed
  • Program: In-house

What To Look For In The Best Forex Affiliate Programs

With Forex affiliate programs especially, you want to be highly critical of any offer before you present it to your readers or viewers. With that said, here are a few critical factors to look into before signing up for any program.

Legitimacy of the Company, Course, or Tool

No matter how good the commission is, how often the payout, or how much you stand to earn, do not recommend any Forex affiliate programs without first looking extensively into the background and reputation of the company.

The absolute last thing you want is to recommend a broker or tool that turns out to be a scam or an unethical company. Remember, your reputation is at stake here too.

If your readers or viewers begin leaving bad comments and reviews about your website, it could seriously impact your earning potential.

Payout Schedule

Next, take into consideration how often the affiliate program pays you commissions. The key thing you need to remember whether you run a niche or authority site, popular YouTube channel, personal blog, or social media following, is that you run a business.

All businesses rely on cashflow to sustain themselves. If your cash flow is too low or infrequent, you will seriously struggle to keep your business running, pay yourself, reinvest earnings for expansion, and purchase the tools you need to grow.

Try and look for Forex affiliate programs that pay out no less than once every month. Ideally, you want to be paid out at least once each week but that isn’t always possible. However, more than once each month, and you will likely find yourself struggling to balance the books.

Payout Methods

Another key thing to consider is what methods of payment are offered for payouts. Most Forex affiliate programs will offer multiple payout options including ACH and PayPal. The issue is, if you can’t accept either of those options, then you will be in trouble when it comes time for payout.

Look at how each of the programs you’re interested in pays out and make sure that you can accept payments. If you have any issues, don’t worry, you can sign up for a different payment method or choose a different affiliate program. 

Average Order Value / Average Spend

One final consideration that you should be aware of is the average order value or average spend of the program in question. For many of the Forex programs, the latter of the two will be the case since most programs payout on a CPA basis and will structure payments based on how much the referrals spend and invest.

Just because a program offers a super high CPA, it doesn’t matter if the vast majority of referrals don’t spend enough to hit the top-tier payouts.

Look at how much the average referral to their program typically invests to make sure you stand a chance of hitting the top tiers. However, part of this will be reflective of the type of referrals you send toward the program.

Final Thoughts: Best Forex Affiliate Programs

Forex affiliate programs can be a phenomenal and highly lucrative way to make money. However, great judgment needs to be excercised due to the nature of the industry and the potential for fraudulent or shady companies to rip off your referrals. 

As long so you do your due diligence, and you can match the right offers with for your specific audience, you should have no problem earning. One final thing to remember is that it’s critical to make the right disclaimers and ensure you are compliant both with the laws of your country as well as the regulations of the program. Do this and you will be good to go.

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