5 Free Ways To Promote and Sell Your Digital Products

Digital products can be anything from a video or audio course to an e-book, and they’re cheap for you to produce which means there’s less risk on your end if it doesn’t sell well.

If the product is really good though, people will buy it no matter what because everyone wants something that solves their problems.

So how do you promote your digital products? Here are 5 ways to help sell more of them:

1. Use your website or blog as the first place to promote

If you want people in your niche and who are interested in what you’re selling, then they’ll need to be aware of it.

That’s why one thing that can work well for digital products is using a landing page like LeadPages or Unbounce where you can give a brief description of the product, provide a purchase button, and offer some incentives for them to sign up for your email list.

This way you can spend less time marketing on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter which are often oversaturated with links that compete against yours while providing people an easy way to stay updated with what you’re doing in addition to marketing your brand.

2. Upload your digital products to multiple marketplaces

There are plenty of free and paid options for this, so check out a few places like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Gumroad, or Joomag.

You may also want to ask your email subscribers or social media followers which platforms they use. That way you can upload it there too!

Another way to make sure your digital products get the exposure they need is by creating a course on Udemy or Skillshare and then linking to it in your blog posts, social media bios, or email signature for maximum value!

That’s because people trust these platforms as more authoritative sources than your website or blog.

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3. Offer bonuses to those who purchase your digital products

It can be tempting for people to buy your products on impulse with little thought of the value they’re getting in return.

But if you offer some kind of incentive- whether it’s a checklist or free email marketing course as part of the purchase-that will encourage them to think about their decision more and feel like they’re getting more in return.

Plus, you can always email them the bonuses later as an added incentive to check out your digital products again for any updates or new content!

The top digital product sellers are using various marketing strategies and often running their own contests on social media sites like Instagram where they offer discounts to entice people into buying it or use a bundle approach where they combine a few digital products offer them for one price.

This is because people are more likely to buy when the prospect of getting even better value or access to exclusive content entices them!

4. Use your email list to upsell or cross-sell digital products

This strategy is a little more advanced because you’ll need an engaging and responsive email list.

But if you send them updates about new digital products, uploads, or other content that they find valuable, they’re likely to buy it.

You can also use your email tool’s analytics data to track when someone opens an email but doesn’t click on the link or download what you’ve offered in that message so then you know which digital products they’re interested in!

You can introduce a referral campaign to your email subscribers by giving them a discount if they refer someone else to buy your digital products.

5. List your digital products on affiliate marketing sites

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate income from your digital product without needing any inventory.

You’ll want to find an affiliate site that has a solid reputation and then list your products in their marketplace.

This way, when customers buy the product through them you get paid without needing to worry about any of the logistics or customer service!

For example, if you have an eBook on “jogging” – make sure it’s listed on the “health and fitness” or “running” sections of affiliate sites.

The affiliate sites will sometimes even offer services like creating custom banners, logos, or other graphics for you so that they can promote your digital products!

But as always, just be aware of any affiliate site that has too many red flags like ones with hidden links, poor customer reviews, or a lack of contact information.

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Your digital products are a valuable part of your business or income, but it’s often difficult to figure out how to market them for people to know you exist!

There are lots of ways for marketers and business owners alike to promote and sell more digital products.

I hope these 5 tips will help you get started selling more digital products!

Ali Liaquat

Ali Liaquat

Ali is a digital marketing blogger and an author. He is a passionate writer who uses the power of words to share his thoughts and messages with the world. When he is not writing, he loves to spend time with his family. He has written many articles on digital marketing over the years for leading publications, including Business2Community, Inc. Magazine, and Marketing Profs.

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