Best Blog Writing Services To Help Scale Your Website

Content is the driving force behind any niche or authority site. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the more difficult areas to scale for smaller site owners — using the best blog writing services is one solution to this problem.

You can ramp up your content production and potentially see faster results.

What Are The Best Blog Writing Services?

While it’s possible to accelerate content marketing results using a blog writing service, not all writing services are equal or suitable for everyone.

To help you better understand the blog writing service landscape, I’ve covered almost every company currently on the market.

I’ll provide the pros and cons for each one, and tell you everything there is to know about the companies and the services they offer.

Let’s get started.

1. Content Pit

Screenshot of Content Pit homepage.

Content Pit is a US-based content creation agency with a reputation for running a quality professional blog writing service.

As per their homepage, they don’t engage in the old school method of churning out low-quality 300 to 500-word “search engine articles.” Instead, their focus is on quality articles that deliver user intent.

The price per word is reasonable for the quality of the content. So while they aren’t the cheapest, they serve a nice middle area between expensive professional blog writers and beginners.

Pros of Using Content Pit:

  • The managed process from start to finish
  • Fast turnaround for the price
  • High-quality content for the price
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Cons of Using Content Pit:

  • Don’t get to choose your writer

Check Out Content Pit

If Content Pit sounds good, then check out an in-depth review of the company and its services.

2. Niche Website Builders

Screenshot of Niche Website Builders homepage.

Niche Website Builders is a content and link-building agency specializing in affiliate content for niche and authority websites. This agency is one of the best blog writing services if you’re looking for affiliate content.

Content services include regular blog posts, affiliate posts, and one of the only FAQ creation services I’ve come across. Turnaround time is catered to your specific needs, and all writers are native English speakers.

Pricing is based on the number of words you need each month, starting at $700 for 10,000 words. Custom pricing packages can be created for content orders over 100,000 words each month.

Pros of Using Niche Website Builders:

  • Takes care of content uploading
  • Keyword research is done for you
  • Specialized in authority and niche site content 
  • Experienced native English writers

Cons of Using Niche Website Builders:

  • Minimum content orders of 10,000 words

Check Out Niche Website Builders

Read more about the story behind Niche Website Builders.  Discover who the founders are and find out more about their complete list of services.

3. Content Refined

Screenshot of Content Refined homepage.

Content Refined markets itself as a complete end-to-end content marketing solution. They handle the entire process, from sourcing writers to publishing content on your website.

Blog article quality is solid with a price comparable to other companies on this list. Their prices depend on the services you require. If you feel like doing your own keyword research and title creation, prices will be lower.

Aside from writing articles, the company offers content audits, content upgrades, and article creation from videos.

Overall, Content Refined is a solid choice if you’re looking for one of the best blog writing services.

Pros of Using Content Refined:

  • Monthly content production packages
  • Reasonable pricing to quality ratio
  • End-to-end process 
  • Content upgrade options

Cons of Using Content Refined:

  • Turnaround times may be slower

Check Out Content Refined

Read a detailed review of Content Refined and learn whether the company is suitable for your needs.

4. Word Agents 

Screenshot of the Word Agents homepage.

Word Agents has become one of the best blog writing services around. In addition, the company works only with native US-based writers ensuring higher quality content than many other services.

The company can handle the needs of most niche and authority site owners and produces blog posts, affiliate content, eCommerce product descriptions, and search engine optimized content.

Overall, Word Agents is a solid choice for website owners looking for a reliable blog content writing service. There are cheaper alternatives, but these can be hit or miss in blog post quality and turnaround time.

Pros of Using Word Agents:

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Efficient customer support
  • Conversion focused content
  • Quality content 

Cons of Using Word Agents:

  • More expensive than similar websites

Check Out Word Agents

Does this seem like a good fit for you?

Read our full report about Word Agents to learn more.

5. Writer Access

Screenshot of Writer Access homepage.

Writer Access is one of the largest content companies on the market. The original business was established in 2000 as the blog LifeTips. Five years later, the company pivoted to an agency model, which, in 2010, was branded as Writer Access.

Since then, they’ve worked with over forty thousand customers, successfully delivering on over two million projects. In addition, the company works with 20,000 freelancers to ensure a quick turnaround on even the largest of projects.

Pricing ranges between $0.02 per word up to $2.00 per word for highly technical custom content.

The company can handle projects large and small and offer fully managed services if you have a large budget but not a lot of time.

Pros of Using Writer Access:

  • Large quantity of specialized writers
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Covers all niches
  • Packages to suit any budget

Cons of Using Writer Access:

  • Services may be overkill for smaller websites

Check Out Writer Access

6. iWriter

Screenshot of iWriter homepage.

iWriter is a content mill similar to Textbroker. The company connects writers with agencies, website owners, and others that need content.

According to their website, over 8 million articles have been written on the platform.

It isn’t explicitly stated, but it seems their writers come from around the world. Combined with many writers, this can lead to mixed results in terms of quality and consistency. Some reports have even surfaced of plagiarism and article spinning.

Any type of writing you need can be handled through the platform. Their pricing varies depending on how many words your order is for and the level of writer you choose. Also, the turnaround time for articles can vary depending on the writer.

Pros of Using iWriter:

  • Large writing pool to work with
  • Prices suitable for every budget
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Handles all niches and industries

Cons of Using iWriter:

  • Quality control can be lacking

Check Out iWriter

7. Brand Builders

Screenshot of Brand Builders homepage.

Like Niche Website Builders, Brand Builders specialize in creating affiliate and eCommerce content for niche and authority sites. They are an end-to-end service, taking care of everything from keyword research to uploading your content.

All writers working for Brand Builders are native English speakers. Content services include blog content, website copy, press releases, product & service reviews, product & video descriptions, ebooks, and more.

Turnaround time on articles ranges between one and three weeks for non bulk orders. However, for bulk content orders, delivery can take up to eight weeks after keyword approval.

Pricing depends on the word count and starts at $160 for 2,000 words up to $35,000 for 500,000 words.

Pros of Using Brand Builders:

  • Specialize in niche and authority site content
  • Native English speaking writers
  • End-to-end services
  • Conversion focused content production

Cons of Using Brand Builders:

  • Long turnaround times

Check Out Brand Builders

Are you interested in finding out more? Check out the complete review of Brand Builders and find out more about their solutions for niche websites.

8. The HOTH

Screenshot of The HOTH homepage.

Short for hit ’em over the head, the HOTH is a Florida-based full-service marketing agency specializing in SEO, content, and PPC. Along with their regular marketing services, the company offers one-off blog posts and managed blog creation.

According to their website, only 1% of writers that apply are hired, leading to a higher quality content experience. Services include everything from traditional blog posts to guest posts, web copy, press releases, and so on.

Pricing varies depending on the quantity and total word count of articles. For example, for a single 1,000-word article, pricing is $200. In addition, you can pay $30 for HOTH optimization to improve your article’s SEO and conversion ability as an added service.

Pros of Using The HOTH:

  • Expert content writers
  • Reasonable pricing for services
  • SEO optimized articles
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Cons of Using The HOTH:

  • No more than 2,000 words for articles

Check Out The HOTH

It’s not just a funny name but a complete SEO agency. For more information about The HOTH, check out this comprehensive review of the service and the kind of results they can provide.

9. SEO Butler

Screenshot of SEO Butler homepage.

SEO Butler is an agency that brands itself as one of the best blog writing services for marketers. The agency covers most aspects of SEO from content to guest posts to citations and social signals. 

SEO Butler only hires native English speakers from the United States and the United Kingdom, according to the website.

Content services include traditional blog posts, Surfer SEO optimized content, buyers guides, product descriptions, guest posts, social media signals, and more.

Pricing is dependent on the type of content you need. For example, you can get a bulk discount of 10% for orders of 5,000 words or more.

Pros of Using SEO Butler:

  • Offers Surfer SEO optimized content
  • All articles run through Copyscape
  • Handles bulk orders 
  • Content for most niches

Cons of Using SEO Butler:

  • A bit pricier than similar options

Check Out SEO Butler

You can read a more thorough review of SEO Butler to understand better what services they offer and the quality of their work.

10. Textbroker

Screenshot of Textbroker homepage.

Textbroker is one of the oldest content production platforms around. The company is a content mill, meaning they hire large numbers of writers to churn out content quickly with potentially varying degrees of quality.

I have personally written and purchased from Textbroker; I can honestly say it’s a mixed bag. Most of the content on the website is through the open market, where writers can choose the articles they write at their own will.

The issue here is that you may not get a writer knowledgeable on the topic of the article.

Also, the quality of content can vary drastically between writers, despite Textbroker’s writer ranking system.

Because this isn’t a managed process, you’re responsible for article briefs. This process can lead to confusion on the writer’s side if you aren’t clear about what you want.

However, overall, it can be a good option if you understand the process and how to get the most out of the writers.

Pros of Using Textbroker:

  • Bulk article creation
  • Plenty of writers to work with
  • Easy to get set up and started
  • Suitable for niche and affiliate content

Cons of Using Textbroker:

  • Content quality may vary

Check Out Textbroker

11. Passion Posts

Screenshot of Passion Posts homepage.

Passion Posts is a content agency located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company bills itself as creating blog posts with passion. According to the writer’s profiles, their writers come from all around the world, with many from South Africa. 

You can purchase content from almost every niche imaginable, including animals, food, music, business & finance, health & wellness, sports, education, tech, and more.

In addition, their broad niche topics break down into sub-topics so you know which writers can handle your specific needs.

There were some issues when I tried to navigate their website with writer profiles not being completed and missing samples. Overall though, the work seemed to be of good quality, and their prices are reasonable.

Pros of Using Passion Posts:

  • A wide range of niches covered
  • An extensive writer talent pool
  • Numerous complimentary services (design, pics, etc.)
  • Clear delivery process

Cons of Using Passion Posts:

  • Pricing packages are a bit confusing

Check Out Passion Posts

12. Content Development Pros

Screenshot of Content Development Pros homepage.

Content Development Pros is a US-based agency headquartered in New Jersey. The company has been around since 2009 and offers an extensive range of content services from web content to social media posts and more.

According to their website, the company has completed over 75,000 projects. Niches served include marketing, finance, photography, technology, travel, food, self-help, gambling, metals, and supply chains. 

I did find their site a bit difficult to navigate due to its older design and numerous choices. However, after calling the company, I was able to see that their writers are all US-based, and their average article turnaround time is 2 to 3 days. 

Pricing is similar to companies like Textbroker, with both monthly packages and one-off articles available.

Pros of Using Content Development Pros:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Monthly packages available
  • A wide variety of niches served
  • Complimentary services (social, eBooks, etc.)

Cons of Using Content Development Pros:

  • The website is a bit hard to navigate

Content Development Pros

13. Content Flip

Screenshot of Content Flip homepage.

Content Flip provides site owners with four to five articles each month for a flat fare. However, they have only one pricing package, and each article is a maximum of 1000 words.

The writers are based in the United States and selected based on ability. In addition, they offer unlimited revisions, and all articles go through an SEO optimization process.

There isn’t much information about them, and it was hard to find anything other than what was on their website. However, the few reviews on platforms like Clutch were positive. 

This service could be a good option for micro niche sites or shorter content for niche and authority websites.

Pros of Using Content Flip:

  • Straightforward pricing
  • Unlimited revisions
  • US-based writers
  • 7-day free trial of their services

Cons of Using Content Flip:

  • Not much information about the company

Check Out Content Flip

14. Blog Supply Co.

Screenshot of Blog Supply Co. homepage.

Blog Supply Co. is an SEO blog writing service that offers users monthly content packages. You can choose from three packages, either two, four, or eight posts.

Each post is up to 800 words in length.

All signs point to Blog Supply Co. being the same people who run Content Flip. Both companies are located in Provo, Utah, and both websites look similar and built on Wix.

The wording on the FAQ page for both sites is also the same.

As with Content Flip, this might be a good source for shorter articles for niche and authority sites.

Pros of Using Blog Supply Co:

  • Straight forward pricing
  • US-based writers
  • Unlimited revisions
  • No contract or cancellation fees

Cons of Using Blog Supply Co:

  • Not much information about the company

Check Out Blog Supply Co.

15. Blog Hands

Screenshot of Blog Hands homepage.

Blog Hands is a content agency that specializes in creating blog content for businesses. The company was founded by a digital marketer and focused on consistently delivering great content.

According to their pricing plans, the company can produce between one and eight articles each month. Word counts can be between 500 and 3000, depending on your needs.

The advertised per-word rate is $0.20, and it seems they only handle the writing. For this rate, many other alternatives can provide end-to-end services. 

Pros of Using Blog Hands:

  • Flexible content packages
  • Not generic SEO articles
  • US-based native English writers
  • No contracts or cancelation fees

Cons of Using Blog Hands:

  • High cost and longer turnaround times

Check Out Blog Hands

16. Content Runner

Screenshot of Content Runner homepage.

Content Runner is a content mill similar to Textbroker. The company has over 2,000 writers on its platform, so finding a professional writer shouldn’t be an issue.

Like Textbroker, writers choose articles from an open platform, so you don’t know who will be writing your content. 

One benefit of the platform is that you bid and set your pricing — Content Runner takes a transaction fee from the end payment.

Pros of Using Content Runner:

  • You set your pricing
  • Over 2,000 writers
  • Native English speaking writers
  • Concierge service for support

Cons of Using Content Runner:

  • Hit and miss on quality

Check Out Content Runner

17. Ghost Blog Writers

Screenshot of Ghost Blog Writers homepage.

Ghost Blog Writers is a US-based article writing service headquartered in Wisconsin. The company has a team of over 50 expert blog writers located throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

They have a straightforward process, offering new clients a free trial first post. One of the excellent parts of their approach is that they fully manage everything from writing to research to uploading.

You can also purchase ebooks, emails, landing page copy, and more to help with managing your website.

One thing to note is that their prices are pretty high compared to some of the more prevalent alternatives, but some people may look past this if the quality is good and the writing converts.

The samples provided on their website were all high-quality, but I couldn’t find much in reviews from actual clients.

Pros of Using Ghost Blog Writers:

  • High-quality writing
  • Numerous content services offered
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Discounts for high-frequency orders

Cons of Using Ghost Blog Writers:

  • More expensive than similar agencies

Check Out Ghost Blog Writers

18. Scripted

Screenshot of Scripted homepage.

Scripted is another content mill that’s been around since 2011. According to their website, writers have completed over 200,000 orders for their 50,000 plus clients.

The company currently has a roster of over 3,000 writers to fulfill projects both large and small. Along with blog posts, they can handle everything from press releases to product descriptions, newsletters, social media posts, video scripts, business blog posts, and more.

You can choose from a basic plan with two to four monthly content pieces to a fully managed plan with ten or more content pieces.

Pros of Using Scripted:

  • An extensive list of writers
  • Quick turnaround time on projects
  • Handles orders both large and small
  • You can choose the writers to work with

Cons of Using Scripted:

  • More expensive than similar solutions

Check Out Scripted

19. Express Writers

Screenshot of Express Writers homepage.

Express Writers is an Austin, Texas-based content marketing agency. The company launched in 2011 and has completed over 40,000 content projects for clients worldwide.

With over 90 writers, the areas covered include legal, financial, medical, technical content, and more.

Their content writing process is straightforward, with quick turnaround times promised. However, pricing for blog content varies based on the level of expertise needed and can go up as high as $.30 per word.

Aside from WordPress blog posts, the company can handle everything from landing pages to video scripts, slide shows, white papers, marketing copy, and more.

Pros of Using Express Writers:

  • Expert level writers
  • Wide assortment of content services
  • A good source for highly technical content
  • Promises quick turnaround times

Cons of Using Express Writers:

  • More expensive than similar agencies

Check Out Express Writers

20. Crowd Content

Screenshot of Crowd Content homepage.

Crowd Content is another content mill similar to Textbroker. They can handle large and small orders and work with over 6,000 writers. The company offers both an open content market and managed content services.

One of the primary selling points of Crowd Content is its quick turnaround times. According to the website, writers can complete work in as little as 24-hours.

Subjects covered range from simple niche and authority topics to more complex industries like legal and finance.

Pricing for blog articles depends on the level of writing expertise needed and the number of articles ordered. Also affecting the price will be whether you choose managed services or use their open content marketplace. 

Pros of Using Crowd Content:

  • Over 6,000 writers are available
  • Handles large and small projects
  • Covers all niches
  • Quick turnaround times promised

Cons of Using Crowd Content:

  • Quality may be mixed at lower price levels

Check Out Crowd Content

21. Panda Copy

Screenshot of Panda Copy homepage.

Panda Copy is a copywriting agency headquartered in Texas.

It’s one of the newer agencies on this list, founded in 2020. The company offers “unlimited copywriting” every month as well as one-off project pricing.

Their writing team consists of 14 full-time writers, and according to the website, their writers are based around the world, with not all of them being native English speakers.

The company offers two different pricing structures — unlimited and one-off projects.

With the unlimited packages, you pay a flat monthly fee and can load unlimited articles into a queue.

Depending on the package you choose, writers will cover an average word count each day towards completing all articles.

With the one-off packages, their standard fares start at $0.08 per word with bulk discounts.

Pros of Using Panda Copy:

  • Copyscape professional plagiarism checking
  • Monthly packages and one-off articles
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Quick turnaround times promised

Cons of Using Panda Copy:

  • Newer company

Check Out Panda Copy

22. Content Cucumber

Screenshot of Content Cucumber homepage.

Content Cucumber is an on-demand content agency located in the United States. They are headquartered in Indiana and offer managed content projects.

Unlike other agencies on this list, you get a dedicated writer and editor to handle all of your projects. In addition, you can request up to 2000 words a week of content with images included. 

The company offers only two flat-rate packages, a lower-tier on-demand service and a fully managed service.

With the first package, you get just the content and free revisions. The fully managed package offers an SEO content strategy, posting to your website, a content calendar, blog topic generation, and monthly reports.

Pros of Using Content Cucumber:

  • Flat rate pricing
  • A dedicated writer and editor
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Images sourced for you

Cons of Using Content Cucumber:

  • Might not work for smaller websites

Check Out Content Cucumber

23. SEO Content Hero

Screenshot of SEO Content Hero homepage.

SEO Content Hero is an agency headquartered in Florida. They advertise as offering professional content writing for any type of website. Some of the prominent clients they’ve worked with include Surfer SEO, Empire Flippers, and others.

The company works with mostly US-based writers. According to their site, 90% of writers are in the US, with 10% from areas like the United Kingdom and Australia.

Services include blog post creation, web page copy, eCommerce copy, local SEO content, affiliate content, and agency work.

They promise a turnaround time of between four and six days for projects under 10,000 words. 

You can choose from three different pricing tiers that range from $6 per 100 words to $12 per 100 words.

Pros of Using SEO Content Hero:

  • Straightforward pricing
  • Mostly US-based writers
  • SEO focused copy
  • Quick turnaround time promised

Cons of Using SEO Content Hero:

  • More expensive than similar services

Check Out SEO Content Hero

24. Textworkers

Screenshot of Textworkers homepage.

Textworkers is a US-based content writing agency located in Florida. The company has been around since 2008 and has worked with top clients such as CBS News, Inc 5000, and Dish Network.

Services offered range from typical blog posts to web page copy, local SEO content, eCommerce product descriptions, and more. Turnaround times for single orders are between three and five days. 

Their writers are located across the United States and, according to the site, have at least 5-years of writing, SEO, branding, and inbound marketing experience. 

Pricing starts at $50 per 300 to 500 words. It’s unclear if they offer any bulk order pricing, but this could be worth asking if you have larger order sizes.

Pros of Using Textworkers:

  • United States-based writers 
  • Moderately fast turnaround times
  • Well established practices and systems
  • Writers experienced in SEO and branding

Cons of Using Textworkers:

  • Pricing is a bit confusing

Check Out Textworkers

25. The Content Company

Screenshot of The Content Company homepage.

The Content Company is one of the best blog writing services in Canada. The company is headquartered in Ajax, Ontario, with offices in New York. As of 2018, the company has produced over 30,000 articles for clients.

Niches served include legal, pest control, blockchain companies, SEO articles, natural health, and more. Aside from blog posts and web copy, the company also produces ebooks, product descriptions, press releases, landing page copy white papers, and more for clients.

It isn’t evident where their writers are, but they seem to be in-house staff in Canada or New York. Turnaround time on articles is ten business days.

Their pricing structure is per-article, starting at $65, or plan-based, starting at $500 per month.

Pros of Using The Content Company:

  • A wide variety of niches served
  • Numerous content service types
  • Free consultations for interested site owners
  • Established company and systems

Cons of Using The Content Company:

  • 60-day cancelation policy on monthly plans

Check Out The Content Company

26. Zerys

Screenshot of Zerys homepage.

Zerys is a content management and production platform that helps site owners organize and find writers. The platform has a roster of over 85,000 writers to choose from.

Using their software, you’re matched with the best writers for your niche and the type of content you need. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear where writers are located, so some writers may not be native English speakers.

You can choose from two different pricing packages, their DIY base package or a fully managed package. Pricing depends on how much content you need and the final word counts for each article.

Pros of Using Zerys:

  • Helpful content management software
  • Over 80,000 writers to choose from
  • Managed or DIY service options
  • Well established company and processes

Cons of Using Zerys:

  • Potentially mixed quality

Check Out Zerys

27. Copypress

Screenshot of CopyPress homepage.

Copypress is a content agency based out of the United States. They offer turnkey solutions to agencies and individual site owners to generate, promote, and scale content.

Aside from blog posts, the company also creates product descriptions, white papers, ebooks, and website content for clients. In addition, they can also handle graphic design for articles and content syndication. 

Industries served by Copypress range from finance, technology, and travel, to more niche industries such as gambling. According to their website, in 2018 alone, they produced content for over 20 different industries.

Pricing depends on what types of content you order and the quantity desired. It should be noted that they have a monthly account minimum of $5,000 spread across all services.

Turnaround times are around one week.

Pros of Using Copypress:

  • Caters to all niches and industries
  • Able to handle substantial orders
  • Highly specialized and experienced writers
  • Graphic design and content promotion offered

Cons of Using Copypress:

  • $5,000 monthly minimum

Check Out CopyPress

28. Constant Content

Screenshot of Constant Content homepage.

Constant content is another of the most prominent writers’ marketplaces around. Like Textbroker and iWriter, the platform serves as a content mill for churning out large quantities of articles for clients.

According to their website, the company has over 100,000 writers on its roster. These writers come from all parts of the world and are not necessarily native English speakers.

As a result, the company can cover almost any niche imaginable.

Aside from connecting clients with writers, the company also has a marketplace of pre-written articles. Writers can sell their original work to agencies and site owners. This can help you to get content out faster if you find what you like.

Pricing varies depending on the level of writer you work with and what type of content you need. Also, turnaround times vary depending on the writer

Pros of Using Constant Content:

  • Pre-written content available
  • Over 100,000 writers to choose from
  • Content for almost any niche available
  • Pricing for all budgets

Cons of Using Constant Content:

  • Turnaround times can vary widely

Check Out Constant Content

29. I Need Articles

Screenshot of I Need Articles homepage.

I Need Articles is a full-service content writing solution based in Scarsdale, New York. They offer both custom-created content services along with a marketplace for pre-written articles, similar to Constant Content.

Writers are all native English speakers and must pass specific quality control tests for access to the platform. Content services include blog posts and article rewrites to ebooks, product reviews and descriptions, and proofreading services. 

Pricing for articles depends on the total word count and the quality level of the writer. The company grades writers on a star system with 5-star writers commanding higher fares. Turnaround time on articles can be as short as 24 hours.

Pros of Using I Need Articles:

  • Large market of writers to choose from
  • Marketplace to purchase pre-written content
  • Short turnaround time
  • Unlimited revisions

Cons of Using I Need Articles:

  • Lack of transparency surrounding pricing

Check Out I Need Articles

30. Semrush Content Marketplace

Screenshot of the Semrush marketplace homepage.

Semrush is one of the most popular SAAS tools to help agencies and website owners. Their content marketplace offers a space for site owners and agencies to source content from expert writers.

All writers on the marketplace have been carefully selected based on their experience and the industries they’ve previously written about. Other services you can find on the marketplace include graphic design and stock media.

Pricing varies depending on the service you need to be completed. As an addon, you can purchase a monthly or yearly premium membership giving you a 10% discount on orders, unlimited revisions, and more.

Pros of Using the Semrush Content Marketplace:

  • Hand-selected expert writers
  • A wide variety of content services is available
  • Premium membership available for discounts
  • Straightforward pricing

Cons of Using the Semrush Content Marketplace:

  • Limited revisions without premium membership

Check Out The Semrush Marketplace

If you’re looking to up your SEO game along with improving your content, check out this complete review of the Semrush platform.

31. Copify

Screenshot of Copify homepage.

Copify is a content marketplace connecting site owners with copywriters. They promise high-quality content at a reasonable price and a tight turnaround of 48-hours or less.

According to their website, the platform has worked with businesses as large as Amazon, eBay, and Luxottica. They also advertise as being small and medium-sized website friendly.

Writers on the website are selected based on them meeting specific criteria. All writers are native English speakers and are US-based.

Prices start at $0.06 per word, but an accurate pricing assessment can only be given after contacting the company.

Pros of Using Copify:

  • US-based native English speaking writers
  • Wide variety of content services
  • 48-hour or less turnaround time
  • Unlimited revisions

Cons of Using Copify:

  • Reports of mixed content quality

Check Out Copify

Bonus: Hiring Your Team of Writers

Using one of the best blog writing services will make more sense for those on a tighter budget or limited time. However, one downside of using a managed writing service is that you sacrifice a bit of control over the quality, payment, and output.

If you have the time and money and want more focused results, hiring a team of writers can be the way to go.

Below is a selection of job boards where quality writers can be found.

1. ProBlogger Job Board

Screenshot of ProBlogger job board.

The ProBlogger Job Board is one of the oldest writer job boards around. It was founded by Darren Rowse in 2004 and quickly gained a reputation as a place to source quality writers.

Pricing for a single listing is $75. You can pay more for a featured listing and even look through candidate profiles to find a writer that meets your criteria.

Problogger is an incredibly popular place for writers to look for jobs. While this is good in that you will likely get applications from high-quality writers, the problem is that you will also get many applications from writers you don’t want. 

It’s not unheard of for listings to receive hundreds and even thousands of responses. To find the right candidate and easily avoid the wrong ones, it’s essential to have a system for quickly moving through applications.

Pros of Using The ProBlogger Job Board:

  • Cheap to post listings
  • Usually, a high number of responses
  • Well known among writers
  • Resources to help you succeed in hiring

Cons of Using The ProBlogger Job Board:

  • Response numbers can be overwhelming

Check Out The ProBlogger Job Board

(For the sake of disclosure, I was hired to write for Niche Pursuits from the ProBlogger Job Board.)

2. BloggingPro Job Board

Screenshot of the BloggingPro job board.

The BloggingPro Job Board is similar in format and function to the ProBlogger Job board. In addition, the cost to post an ad is similar to BloggingPro, with a few quality control requirements.

All jobs posted to the board are required to pay at least $15 per hour (or per 500 words) and must be approved before your listing will appear. No job is accepted that doesn’t pay that much or offers internships or blogging for exposure offers.

Like ProBlogger, you can get quite a few applications from this job board. Make sure to have a system in place for hiring writers to ensure you can quickly narrow down your list of applicants.

Pros of The Blogging Pro Job Board:

  • Well known among writers
  • Easy to post your job listing
  • Reasonable price for posting a listing
  • Likely to get plenty of applications

Cons of The Blogging Pro Job Board:

  • May get too many applications to manage

Check Out The BloggingPro Job Board

3. Freelance Writing Jobs

Screenshot of Freelance Writing Jobs.

Freelance Writing Jobs is a resource that helps writers to land jobs. The website is popular with writers because they compile a daily list of writing jobs from around the web.

Aside from their job compilation posts, the site also offers a job board for employers to advertise jobs. Posting a job is only $30 for 30 days, making it cheaper than the ProBlogger Job Board. 

The downside of Freelance Writing Jobs is that the traffic is less than BloggingPro or ProBlogger. While this probably won’t affect your ability to find qualified writers, it may take a bit longer to do so.

Pros of Using Freelance Writing Jobs:

  • Cheaper than similar job boards
  • Easy to submit a listing
  • Potentially less competition
  • Listings good for one month

Cons of Using Freelance Writing Jobs:

  • Likely fewer applicants than ProBlogger

Check Out Freelance Writing Jobs

4. Fiverr

Screenshot of Fiverr homepage.

Fiverr is one of the largest freelancing platforms around. Not only writing but everything from graphic design to animation can be found using the website.

Unlike platforms such as Textbroker, Fiverr allows writers to post a profile so that people seeking content can hire them. As a result, thousands of writers are on the platform, and some earn over six figures providing high-quality content.

The one downside to Fiverr is that the best writers are usually booked to the extent that turnaround times may be longer.

It’s also possible that highly rated writers may be out of your budget range.

Pricing varies based on the individual writer. Most writers will offer multiple packages, so it’s important to understand what you get before booking a writer.

Pros of Using Fiverr:

  • A large number of high-quality writers
  • Pricing to fit all budgets
  • Easy to look through writer profiles
  • Simple hiring and payment process

Cons of Using Fiverr:

  • Quality can be mixed outside of top-rated writers

Check Out Fiverr

5. Craigslist

Screenshot of Craigslist writers job board.

Craigslist is known as the website that replaced classified ads in newspapers. The website allows users to post goods or services as well as job listings.

While Craigslist may not be your first thought about places to hire quality writing talent, don’t overlook it. Craigslist has a strong reputation, and many writers still use it to look for jobs.

The major downside with Craigslist is that there is no quality control over who can apply. It’s possible to get hundreds and even thousands of responses, especially if posting in a large market like Los Angeles or New York. 

Pros of Using Craigslist:

  • Posting a job can be free to low cost
  • Well known as a place to find jobs
  • Likely to get many responses
  • Can post in target market cities

Cons of Using Craigslist:

  • No quality control for candidates

Check Out Craigslist

6. Upwork

Screenshot of Upwork homepage.

Upwork, like Fiverr, is one of the largest platforms for freelancers to offer their services. The website allows service providers to post profiles that potential clients can look through.

The website makes it easy to find the best talent through a review-based rating system, and service providers are allowed to set their prices.

As a result, you will likely find that the best writers on the platform cost as much or more than top-level agencies.

One of the best things about Upwork is there are writers for almost every type of content you could ever need. Regardless of the niche you serve, it’s possible to find a topic expert using the website.

Turnaround times will vary based on the service provider and what you negotiate with them.

Pros of Using Upwork:

  • Thousands of writers
  • Writers at all budget levels
  • Almost all niches covered
  • Easy to manage and pay writers

Cons of Using Upwork:

  • Good writers will be expensive

Check Out Upwork

It can be hard to choose between Upwork and Fiverr,  so to help you make a more informed decision, you can read about the benefits of both and find out which is more suitable for your needs.

Why Hire A Blog Writing Service?

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The reasons for using a blog writing service are plentiful. Using one will save you time and money and help you scale your website faster.

Some of the core factors for using one of the above services include:

Save Time and Money

Save Time & Money With Writing Services

Creating content takes a lot of time and can cost a lot of money.

If you’re trying to write articles independently, you may spend days or even weeks just getting a few articles completed.

On the other hand, hiring writers can waste money as you pay for sample articles to narrow down the talent pool.

The best blog writing services can eliminate these two problems because they have already done the work to hire writers, and you can get up and running with content coming in a few days or less. 

Agencies and platforms also have numerous writers on the roster to handle bulk content orders. So if you have the budget, getting a website up and running can go from taking months or even years to a few months or less.

Scale Faster

Trying to write the content yourself likely means you will only be able to publish one article a day, and that’s if you’re proficient. This means it will take longer to see the effects of organic search traffic.

A blog writing service allows you to create a more reliable content pipeline to get articles out faster. This approach leaves you free to focus on link-building and guest posting activities to get your content ranking higher. 

Quality Assurances

As noted above, when hiring writers, you can’t control for quality until you’ve tested them. This probably means a lot of wasted time and money until you narrow it down to the right person.

On top of this, it’s entirely possible to get poor-quality articles back only to see the writer disappear without revisions.

The best blog writing services remove this uncertainty, giving you multiple or unlimited revisions and offering money-back guarantees. 

End-to-End Solutions

Some of the best blog writing services offer managed end-to-end solutions. Typically it includes handling the entire content production process from keyword research to publishing on your website.

These end-to-end solutions will further save you time and allow you to focus on the areas that make you money, such as link building and negotiating better affiliate deals. 

Managed Service Vs Individual Writer: Which Is Right For You?

[embedded content]

While blog writing services can be an excellent solution for many niche and authority site owners, these may not be perfect for everyone.

The alternative of hiring individual writers and building a team may be a better solution.

The primary benefits of using the best blog writing services are:

  • Less turnaround time
  • The service already has writers
  • Content is often cheaper
  • May offer end-to-end solutions

The downside to these services, though, is that what you see is what you get. If you serve an extremely technical or obscure niche, you may find it challenging to find the exact content you want from the writers that work with a particular blog writing service.

Further, at the higher end of the expertise scale, the best blog writing services can be more expensive than hiring a writer.

Expert writers generally command much more money, especially if they write in highly technical niches such as finance, healthcare, or technology. 

The best blog writing services will need to pay that higher amount for the content while still ensuring they turn a profit. Sometimes it makes more sense to cut out the middleman.

The primary benefits of hiring individual writers are:

  • More control over the content creation 
  • You can get the exact writer you want
  • Sometimes cheaper than working with a service
  • Easier to find writers in your exact niche

Especially for highly technical niches, hiring a team of writers makes sense and can often get you better quality content. But, of course, the tradeoff here is that you will spend more time upfront hiring writers.

In the end, the best blog writing services will often be a better choice for newer website owners on tighter budgets. Hiring a team of writers can take a lot of time and money that newer website owners may not have. In addition, you may not be able to justify investing that money in the early stages of your website.

As your website matures and you look to scale, hiring writers and building a team may make more sense.

How Much Do The Best Blog Writing Services Cost?

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The cost of hiring a blog writer is going to vary. However, a good rule of thumb is that the cheapest writers will work for $0.02 per word, with better writers starting at around $0.06 per word and above.

However, you can find writers for as high as a dollar per word and more in highly profitable and technical niches. Generally speaking, though, content writers will be cheaper than sales-focused copywriters.

I recommend that you plan for around $0.04 per word when first starting out. 

Going cheaper than this increases the likelihood of poor quality content as many desperate writers and non-native English speakers will work at these lower rates.

You can find plenty of stories of blog owners paying bottom-level rates and ending up with good content. But, this is generally the exception rather than the norm. It’s just as likely going cheap will get you a lot of low-quality content that you have to spend time editing heavily.

What Is The Best Content Writing Service?

The good news is that you have plenty of options available. The above list represents all of the best blog writing services out there, but it’s by no means exhaustive. 

For hiring writers, I encourage you to use Upwork.

Word Agents, Content Pit, and Content Refined make it easy to purchase content at a price agreeable with newer website owners and high-earning bloggers alike.

These services benefit from working with a large pool of writers, making it more likely to have a writer that operates within your niche. 

More importantly, these service providers have a strong reputation among top blog owners for consistently delivering quality articles.

Save yourself time and money by working with a reputable provider. You probably didn’t get into blogging just to create a job for yourself as a full-time writer.

If you want to scale up your blog and start bringing in the kind of money you need to quit your daytime job, utilizing one of the best blog writing services is the first place to start. 

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