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Did you know that by 2014, 80% of the human population relied on herbal medicine to boost their immunity? With such a vast market, herbal affiliate programs are a sure way to earn a lucrative passive income, provided you land on reputable brands.

The best herbal affiliate programs offer a variety of products, both physical and online. The more options you have for your customers, the better chance you can make money from them.

If you decide to join one of these herbal affiliate programs, be sure to read their terms carefully before signing up. Some affiliate marketing programs may require you to purchase a certain number of units or sell a set amount of product before getting paid. Others may need you to pay a fee to keep the account active.

Best Herbal Affiliate Programs

What makes the best herbal affiliate program? Topping the list are authentic products that cater to many people. Herbal products are especially critical as some people have sensitivities. It’s not only a matter of avoiding displeasure but ensuring their health isn’t on the line.

Secondary aspects to check include:

  • Reasonable commissions based on product prices
  • A simple-to-use affiliate center
  • Lots of banners, links, and blurbs in various sizes
  • Emails about upcoming specials and promotions
  • Timely pay
  • Easily reachable affiliate representative that responds quickly to concerns

Below is what the most exemplary herbal affiliate programs have to offer.

Health Fitness & Longevity Herbal Affiliate Program

herbal affiliate programs

If you try HFL products and they don’t work within a year, you get a full refund with $100 on top. Who wouldn’t want to get into business with you immediately when they hear this?

A quick review of their website and you’ll start checking whether I have hormonal, weight, or circulatory system issues to treat. Plus, those aren’t the only problems solvable with the brand. Users with sleep issues, stress, mood swings, inflammation, fatigue, blood sugar, and more benefit too.

At 30%, this is one of the best commissions among all of the herbal brands. With a 30-day cookie duration, that’s ample time for your visitors to convert into referrals.

The brand has over two decades of practice. During this time, they amassed many fans, crazed reviews, and bettered their products to treat with efficiency.

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie duration: 30 days


Lucky Vitamin Herbal Affiliate Program

Herbal products

With over 20 years in service and 26K+ Instagram followers, LuckyVitamin is quite a famous brand. You won’t struggle too much, especially considering they have numerous products spread over 24 categories.

LuckyVitamin has over 1,600 reviews and is a top-rated vitamin and nutritional supplement brand globally. Besides the US, the corporation has over 40 other markets. It manages all its activities online, claiming that the lack of a physical location makes its products affordable.

The LuckyVitamin website has detailed product information. So, your referrals have an easy time identifying ingredients, usage instructions, warnings, and manufacturer info to ensure they get the best from the products.

Furthermore, LuckyVitamin has a loyalty program called Lucky Rewards for their clients. For every $1 spent on a MyLucky Account, shoppers get one Lucky Rewards Point. Every 100 points translates to $1 attribution to their accounts. Also, orders $49+ get free shipping.

Their commission and cookie durations are wanting. But they have many client benefits to give you a smooth time getting visitors to convert.

Commission rate: up to 5%

Cookie duration: One week


Tea Drops Herbal Affiliate Program

Mountain Mel

At only 34, Sashee Chandran is causing quite the earthquake with her tea drops. She and her team take the herbal tea game an extra mile, ensuring biodiversity consideration in their production.

According to them, the tea drops give you a richer cup while cutting the waste a teabag produces by 15%. Besides, they claim to help reduce water wastage that sees over 160K individuals getting clean water.

What’s more?

The flavor range packaged in all kinds of shapes is sure to have something you and your referrals like. Some of the forms include the love heart, cube, and the penta-petal flower. The line has lots on offer, from blueberry acai to cardamom brewed from organic tea ingredients such as leaves, spice, and raw sugar.

Affiliates revel in a great commission and a cookie duration lasting half a month. You have more time to earn from your efforts than some lesser-paying brands like LuckyVitamin. I don’t see why you shouldn’t add them to your affiliate network list unless you have a serious issue with tea.

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie duration: 15 days


Mountain Mel’s Herbal Affiliate Program

Patrick Jones

It’s no secret that the average lady takes conservation measures more seriously than a male, as studies indicate. This trickles down to herbal products as I introduce you to Mountain Mel’s, an effort borne out of environmental passion.

Unlike Sashee’s Tea Drops which center on making tasty beverages, Mountain Mel’s does more than that. Your referrals can also get outdoor essentials like lip balms and remedies for burns, cuts, stings, and itchiness. If your clique loves camping, this is an excellent recommendation.

What’s terrific is Mountain Mel’s has zero requirements to accept affiliates. Anyone can enroll to be a Mountain Mel’s affiliate. You don’t need a million fans or elevated influencer status. You can market the products wherever including a website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms.

Moreover, you get one of the best commission deals. Plus, the cookie duration is generous, giving you an entire one and a half months to earn from a successfully converted click.

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie duration: 45 days


Vitamin Shoppe Herbal Affiliate Program

Sashee Chandran

Vitamin Shoppe’s affiliate program is great for helping your readers better their health in many ways. Affiliates can earn up to 10% of every sale referred through the online store. Moreover, the brand keeps improving its affiliate cuts to reward your efforts better.

As an associate, working with the company is quite enjoyable. Vitamin Shoppe goes the extra mile to ease your operations. You get banners, logos, text links, and reports that help you market its products.

There aren’t many dissimilarities between it and other top vitamin and supplement retailers. They usually have the same products and prices. However, you’ll hardly find the same excellent website functionality and customer service that Vitamin Shoppe provides.

That said, Vitamin Shoppe’s offerings and promotions are diverse enough to appeal to a wide range of customers. Besides, health being an evergreen issue presents a good chance for monetization.

Overall, Vitamin Shoppe’s affiliate program pays a decent commission. Plus, with 25,000+ products to promote, you are sure to find something to entice anyone.

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie duration: One week


Homegrown Herbalist Affiliate Program

herbal affiliate programs

Dr. Patrick Jones, a clinical herbalist, runs The Homegrown Herbalist. Being a veterinarian, the doctor and his team use herbs to cure health issues found in both humans and animals. Besides, he owns an online herb school and a store providing herbal tinctures and therapies.

While the program has a commission, it isn’t eye-catchy if that’s your main goal. However, if you get your circle to enroll for the online school, you get a pretty hefty commission.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to enroll in the school once you tell them all it offers? For one, referrals learn how to treat a myriad of issues. From how to treat rattlesnake bites to gangrene, arthritis, gun wounds, kidney problems, and more, the school has much to offer.

Besides, one doesn’t need to be in the US as it’s also available online. Not to mention, there are various accepted methods to earn from referrals. For instance, you can use your website or social media.

Commission rate: 5% on products, 20% for online school

Cookie duration: 30 days


Plant People Herbal Affiliate Program

herbal affiliate programs

Plant People is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of health enhancers. Your referral can select from a wide range of products, including:

  • Sleep improvers
  • Stress relievers
  • Recovery speeders
  • Immune boosters
  • Cognition betterment solutions

Ladies particularly like this line for its effective skincare supplies. Whether you want to keep your skin young, hydrate it, or brighten it, Plant People has your back. Besides, their products suit many people and are gentle to all skin types.

They don’t have as many products as lines like Vitamin Shoppe, with a staggering 25K+. In fact, Plant People only has a little over 20 products. The beauty is that the limited number does wonders across broad areas. It’s a line that values quality over quantity.

Overall, this is a fantastic company to promote if you wish to reach out to many individuals. Their commission isn’t shabby either, and an entire month’s cookie duration is more considerate than many brands.

Commission rate: 15%

Cookie duration: 30 days


Hyperion Herbs Affiliate Program

herbal affiliate programs

Although the 10% commission isn’t over the top, how Hyperion Herb treats its affiliates is. For one, it provides valuable resources on its backend. If you are a multi-company affiliate marketer, you’ll have an easy time signing up and setting ads to market this brand.

They provide tailored email copy, catchy banners, and unique product links to share with your visitors. Moreover, you can track when someone clicks your affiliate link and the money owed to you for successful conversion.

Unlike other brands with a one-time click offer, Hyperion Herbs offer you a lifetime to earn from your referrals. All you need to do is get them to make that first purchase within 30 days. Afterward, you earn your 10% commission on any products they get henceforth.

Some brands have limits on the minimum amount payable. Unlike these brands, Hyperion Herbs is an excellent place for small and big marketers. Whether you only made a couple of dollars or are raking in the thousands, you get your money in full.

They have products that can solve many problems, ensuring that you have many potential customers to reach out to. Their products promise to do some of the following:

  • Uplifting mood
  • Improving sleep
  • Relieving stress
  • Boosting immune system

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie duration: 30 days


Primal Herb Affiliate Program

Health Fitness

The best thing about Primal Herb is the simplicity of navigating their products. While Hyperion Herbs is a fantastic line, clicking through tens of their best-selling products before landing on something you love is quite a bummer.

On the other hand, Primal Herb labels their product with what each one does. You only have to click those that interest you. There is an entire universe of remedies to aid whatever issues your referrals have.

The line attends to gut, heart, mental, lung, nervous, aging, hormonal, fatigue, liver, kidney, and inflammation among other issues. Also, some remedies are for general immune boosting, ensuring a diverse customer appeal.

The affiliate commission provided is amongst the best deals in the natural remedies affiliate programs I’ve reviewed so far. Besides, you have up to two months to earn from visitors coming in via your links. As if that’s not enough, they also help you with your marketing campaign by doing follow-ups.

Commission rate: 15%

Cookie duration: 60 days


HerbsPro Affiliate Program

Herbal products

The most significant merit HerbsPro affiliates get is tapping into a broad market. With the company selling over 50,000 items, you get to decide which areas are of interest to you. Besides, that gives room to many affiliate marketers passionate about different herbal products.

The company gives you many avenues to make money, from beauty to sports, pet, medical, and supplement products.

Besides, customers can earn up to a 60% discount. By showing them how they can do this, you not only attract a large crowd but one with a conversion likelihood. The company also offers affiliates coupon codes to help their referrals save the extra buck


You also get a few resources to help you convince your audience. HerbsPro offers banners and links that you can add to your marketing platforms. Also, you have the option to come up with a unique banner and get data feeds on your progress.

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie duration: 60 days


Herbal Goodness Affiliate Program

herbal affiliate programs

Herbal Goodness is an excellent choice for those seeking herbal affiliate programs with competitive rates. With a 30% starter commission, the brand entices affiliates to make an effort to know more about them and markets to them with passion.

However, the 30% only lasts a month before switching to 20%, which is still higher than most herbal affiliate programs.

Besides the impressive commissions, affiliate marketers also get ample time to do follow-up marketing. You have up to three months to convince visitors that showed interest to get a worthwhile product and earn in the process.

Moreover, the brand has an entire set of products, no surprise why its name is Herbal Goodness! Whether a customer wants teas, capsules, kid products, superfoods, and more, they have it. 

You can reach out to audiences needing metabolism, gut, immune, circulatory, hair, skin, nail, cleansing, lung, energy, and sleep products. Their website has an impressive structure with products categorized by herbs in them, health benefits, and packaging mode.

To help you reach out to these masses, they provide banners, editorial content, newsfeeds, and social posts.

Commission rate: starting 30%, regular 20%

Cookie duration: 90 days


iHerb Affiliate Program

Patrick Jones

iHerb is quite a famous brand with lots of positive reviews selling its name. The company has well-established roots in 186 countries, giving you an extensive market to tap into.

Besides, users can access the site in 16 languages, use 34 payment options, and pay in 74 currencies. There is customer support anytime in 10 languages. Indeed, it’s the perfect affiliate program to earn more if you have a popular website, social platform, or Youtube channel.

Partnering with 1200 retailers, the company offers 30,000 products, catering to the needs of everyone. Your referrals can pick from beauty, sports, nutrition, and health among other provided niches.

With frequent promos, significant discounts, a loyalty program, and free sample goods, iHerb keeps people engaged, healthier, and returning for more.

The only drawbacks are the high threshold and extended processing time (180-days). If not for those two, I’d say this is the go-to supplier.

Nonetheless, set this as a backup plan to fill in the holes left by competition. Plus, if you are into multi-product promotion, this is a deal sure to attract much attention.

Commission rate: up to 5%

Cookie duration:45 days


Here’s a Challenge

Why not try out all these herbal affiliate programs? It’ll be worth it if you are looking for an alternative way to make lots of money online.

The best part about these programs is that you don’t even have to do vigorous promotion as most of them already have a solid footing in the industry. But that shouldn’t stop you from employing the best practices to promote these products.

Sashee Chandran

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