March 23, 2023

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By Crypto Klutz on Jan 10, 2023

Using Chatgpt To Make Money Online

Using Chatgpt To Make Money Online

Using this method Marcus says that affiliates and web developers can use Chat GPT to create simple codes to rank on the search engines and get massive amounts of traffic without having to keep a full time web developer on your payroll.

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. (PRWEB) December 12, 2022

Chat GPT: At first it looks like another AI help tool like AI art generators, video generators, or even a glorified AI content generator and many people will use the tool for these purposes.

But one affiliate marketer and web marketer who has been in business for over 23 years says there is a different approach that some people will use to make lots of money online during this revolutionary change in how we work and live in the online world.

Marcus Campbell of says:

In 2021 the internet saw the hype of web 3.0 with NFT's that rose in price and fell just as quick, we saw crypto scams and everything that even hinted at web 3.0 to end up being a nightmare... or at least for now.

Is open AI's Chat GPT another web 3.0 distraction or is it a game changer.

Well, Marcus (the affiliate marketing dude) says there is something different going on, and that while most people are going to use these AI tools for content creation, he will be using it for something else entirely.

Using Chat GPT to generate website codes to drive more traffic to affiliate offers and websites.

Using this method Marcus says that you can use Chat GPT to create simple codes to rank on the search engines and get massive amounts of traffic without having to keep a full time web developer on your payroll.

By simply entering in a query like: create a simple stripe buy now button code generator in php

This AI machine will spit out the exact code that can be put on your website just like the tools he makes on - little tools like these have made Marcus personally millions of dollars over the years.

Now anyone with a very limited knowledge of coding can use these AI tools to generate codes and make simple websites that drive massive amounts of traffic for terms that otherwise were only open to tech wizards and high priced programmers. Even an outsourced programmer will cost over $1,000 a month or more. With open AI Chat GPT you can now generate codes in real time for free.

Imagine being able to create a simple php tool in a matter of seconds and put it on your website for massive traffic.

Marcus says he will be using these little tools to capitalize on searches with thousands of visitors each and every month like:

PayPal button generator terms with over 6,000 searches per month convert pdf to word over 385,000 searches per month or even stuff like BMI calculator for your weight loss site with over 1.9 million searches per month and mortgage calculator with over 3 million searches per month

Marcus has put examples of his tools on his site

So where other people are looking for some AI written content which marcus has tried and the results were so-so and often get flagged with plagiarism when ran through a tool, a tool you can use the Chat GPT code to create which comes in at 12,000 searches per month. I think you will see the real opportunity here is in using the AI tool to create codes and software for web developers who otherwise could not afford to have a programmer on payroll.

To Learn More About How Marcus Is Using Tools Like Chat GPT and other AI Tools To Grow Your Business visit

Marcus' warning is that AI tools such as Chat GPT may end up taking more jobs away and have a super negative effect on fiverr, upwork, and the gig economy as a whole.

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