Classic ‘80s Candies You Can Still Get Today

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If you grew up in the ‘80s, you know it was the era of sweeping rock ballads like “Open Arms” by Journey and “Best of Times” by Styx. It was the dawn of MTV and music videos playing on your television set at home. Big hair, neon leg warmers, and parachute pants were all en vogue.

Ensemble movies like “The Breakfast Club,” “The Outsiders,” and “Dead Poets Society” and blockbusters like “Die Hard,” “Footloose,” “Top Gun,” and “The Terminator” lit up movie screens in theaters across the country. Watching movies, of course, meant munching on popcorn and candy.

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic and craving some ‘80s candy and snacks, we discovered you can still enjoy your favorite candy from the ‘80s. As The Bangles would plead, let’s “Walk Like an Egyptian” down the sweets aisle in the ‘80s candy store.

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Don’t let these sugary sweets fool you. Runts may look like miniature pieces of fruit. But they’re really pieces of candy with the same shape, color, and flavor as the fruit they represent. Original Runts flavors include strawberry, banana, cherry, orange, and lime. The tasty treats have a hard candy shell with a SweeTarts style core.

Who can forget those oversized, bright, candy discs in the see-thru package? Wacky Wafers smell and taste like their original flavors, watermelon, strawberry, green apple, orange, and banana. Bite down, hear them crunch, and taste a big burst of fruit flavor—a true classic ‘80s candy from The Willy Wonka Candy Company product line.

Kids love being silly, and Wack-O-Wax Candy Lips gives kids of all ages a chance to channel Mick Jagger with their own set of big candy lips, including cherry-flavored red. Just bite on the wax at the back to cover your own lips. These are still popular for Halloween, and the line includes other silly styles like “Fangs” for aspiring “vampires.”

Fun, clever packaging is a significant part of a candy brand’s allure. Gold Mine Giant Nugget Bubble Gum is a prime example. The cute drawstring burlap bag features a cartoon miner hauling his cart full of “gold.” In the Giant-sized version, the big, yellow chunks of bumble gum look like gold nugget treasure and are fun to chew.

Goetze’s Mini Cow Tales look like beef jerky sticks or a package of string cheese snacks. But the yummy candy is actually delicious, chewy caramel surrounding a creamy caramel center—and they’re even made with real dairy milk.

If you love sour treats that make your lips pucker, then you’ll be a fan of SOUR POWER Berry Blue Candy Belts. There are 150 individual pieces in this pack. The long, berry-flavored blue strips look like belts and taste like their SOUR POWER name.

Kids of all ages can’t get enough of the soft, giant chews in this large jar of Now & Later Original Mix Long-Lasting Chews flavors. Working the chewy taffy around in your mouth lets you slowly draw out every bit of the bold flavor. You get to enjoy each piece of the candy a little longer—and the individually wrapped pieces are fun to share with your family and friends!

There’s something so cool about the name Jaw Busters. Popping one into your mouth is like accepting a dare. Will you bite down on it and crunch it up with your teeth? Or will you savor the flavor until the candy ball gets smaller? They call them Jaw Busters for a reason, and kids of all ages still love them—just saying.

The unique cylindrical shape of Tart n’ Tinys is a big part of the candy’s appeal. You can stack and make little towers with them, like a candy version of Jenga. This is another Willy Wonka Company classic that’s now under the Leaf Candy brand. The original fruit flavors include grape, lemon, orange, cherry, and lime.

Who knew that baked bean-shaped candy would be so popular? The Original Boston Baked Beans are actually yummy, candy-coated peanuts from the Ferrara Candy Company. They’re also incredibly fun to crunch.

Overall, these classic ‘80s candies are a nostalgic, tasty testament to a truly epic decade.

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