How to Make Money on Instagram

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It has become very easy to make money through Instagram. Creators nowadays have multiple options when it comes to making an income on Instagram. A creator has to gain engagement on Instagram to attract better earning sources. Even with a small audience, you can earn quite some money on Instagram. But you can even buy real instagram followers to get more followers for your account.  Many creators think that there are only 1-2 methods to earn good money on the platform. In this article, we will talk about the 5 best methods to earn money on Instagram.

Do paid sponsor posts

This is one of the most widely used methods to warm money on Instagram. Instagram is a great platform for creators. They get a variety of tools to create content with and have ample income opportunities. Many creators make sponsored posts for their clients. These posts help you to earn money by posting client content on your page. The brands who are interested to work with you contact you. You get to negotiate the amount you will charge for a sponsored post. Once the amount you want is fixed with the company they curate the type of content they want to see. Creators are generally paid on a per post basis. You need to have a strong audience base for brands to be attracted to you. Creators who produce content in a particular niche tend to get more sponsored posts. Brands can identify that having a sponsored post in their same niche will benefit them more. If you are a creator who has a sizable following in a popular niche, your chances of being approached for sponsored posts become much higher. In niches like travel, food, fitness, and others that are popular on the platform, creators secure a better deal.

Sell your products

Selling your products is one of the best ways to earn money without having to rely on others. Methods of earning such as brand posts are dependent on an external factor. There have been cases where a brand does not comply with the set agreement. If the investment into influencer marketing reduces you suffer as well. The best way to deal with this is by having your product line. Many of the users on Instagram love shopping from brands on the platform. If you have been able to build a strong base on the platform you will be able to establish your products. You should start at a small scale and gradually scale it up. The types of products that tend to perform well are clothing-related products or beauty products. You have to put time, money, and effort into creating a line of products that are of good quality. Your products have to be food as your reputation is attached to your products. Having your products reduces your dependence on others and all of the income comes directly to you. You should be able to convince your audience to get your products. The biggest disadvantage with this product is that you need to have investment capital. This method requires prior investment but the results it offers, in the long run, are amazing. 

Become a brand ambassador

Many brands that have a presence on Instagram hire brand ambassadors. In recent years there has been a shift in the form of marketing preferred by the companies. The majority of the big companies have shifted to Instagram marketing and other forms of social media marketing. While smaller brands like to do sponsored posts as their marketing, bigger companies like to form long-term relationships with a creator. They hire them as brand ambassadors. The job of a brand ambassador is to create posts about the company. These posts are to be published in your account to get your followers to buy their products. Some brands may be willing to create products with you that will target your audience. You need to buy active followers on Instagram and become an important creator to be a brand ambassador. The companies want their brand ambassadors to be able to convince their audience to buy their products. Companies like creators having a strong audience backing them in a particular niche. This helps them secure a better target audience and greater engagement. 

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you try to sell the products of a company. To start with affiliate marketing you have to apply to companies to be an affiliate partner. The companies have varied criteria for becoming affiliate partners. We would suggest choosing to become affiliates with a company that is related to the niche of your account. This will help you make better sales. When you become an affiliate partner you will get a link. With most of these companies, you get a commission for every client that buys their product or subscribes to their service using your link. Before starting, ensure that you read the terms that they have. You should do proper research to find the companies that offer the best commissions when it comes to affiliate marketing.


Dropshipping is a method by which you can sell products from sellers without having to hold an inventory. You get to have your own store without you having to purchase or store products. You advertise the products on your account with the help of stories and posts. When your followers want to buy this they have to place an order with you. You pass on the shipping details to the seller and they take care of shipping and delivering the product. This has a high margin of profit. You need to gain engagement on Instagram to have a successful shop. 


Earning money on Instagram will become simplified by using the techniques mentioned above. Apart from the methods given above, there are various methods available. Many creators earn money by selling the art they create and by writing captions for other businesses. There are many options available. With proper application, they work quite well. You should explore them to find the method that suits you and your account. 

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