Is Affiliate Marketing a Good Side Hustle?

affiliate marketing

With social media taking up a vital role in marketing these days, companies are investing in helping individuals earn some money on the side. Ryan Alarid is the VP of marketing for Digistore24, an affiliate marketing platform where people can sign up for free to find products and offers that fit their lifestyle. Then, they can create content to promote the products and earn a commission. It’s the new form of entrepreneurship.

It’s very, very simple!

It’s so simple that you don’t even need to be a social media influencer to master this space. What’s the difference between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, a brand (merchant) partners with affiliates (content creators, coupon, loyalty and deal sites, etc.) to promote their brand, products, promotions, sales, etc … Conversely, with influencer marketing, the influencer gets paid a (usually large) flat-fee to promote the brand. 

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And the beauty of affiliate marketing is that there are many avenues to earn some cash successfully. But, if there is one avenue that Alarid encourages above anything else, it’s social media.

3 steps on how you should utilize social media:

  1. Choose the social media you interact with the most as the sole platform you want to use.
  2. Find the products that interest you and dive into communities that hold the same interest as you.
  3. Create unique content!

The key with affiliate marketing is to be organic and natural. Once you’ve got the hang of that, anything is possible! Also, always have a hold on your numbers: Strive for a certain goal, and prioritize your time accordingly. Before you know it, your numbers will start increasing and hopefully, so will your commission.

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