Listen: A highlight from From Call Centre Jobs To Million Dollar Businesses – In Conversation With Craig Campbell


I don’t know going into service. No marie and this is another episode. Interesting episode of the snow. Molly so rare. I am going to interview great camper and he’ll introduces himself right now and welcome craig and this introduces chameleons. Thank you so she saved. My name’s keith campbell. Hi i’m based in scotland switches in the uk and apologies for the accent. Everyone about trying speak slung. Liberal understand actually saw yeah and avenue as you eighteen years in affiliate marketing speak. Hello corn franchisees. The oppo up more agencies lives we saw bitty apps in your radios are some videos and you were in india in recent days yes over say and banglore and december lovely. Please lovely people very welcoming on the efforts of on everyone say indian zim and webinars and fishing gandhian. People seem to quite enjoy warm to them so as a federally enjoyed the way. Nice people right. Did you learn something from india. The limb something from and galleons one thing never drive a car and india adopt driving a car. I was in. I was the cab going from airport to the hotel. And i was like just fox you as we we. We too busy right lab seniority. Talk with us as well. You’re so funny and legged actually actually i. I saw you from the talk. And then i found you on facebook and stuff like so i. I saw the talk radio of yours. Someone said on their facebook reflecting recipe. Or maybe someone that you have. Interviewed guessed home equity. Yeah so i know because of him. I know you because of him and You’re here for the same thing right. I mean issues. I’ve been our something. Like i will say rush same russia. The conference right. I mean what kind of issue are you doing. I mean are you are hiring someone or doing yourself or you have an agency so after my own team of staff but we don’t declined most of the stuff we do is affiliate marketing and deviously had an agency. But i absolutely heats dealing with clients. So i decided to make the move to gwen to affiliate marketing. Because that we don’t need to beg the client to pay me.

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