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By Maritza Araujo on Jan 18, 2023

This is an evaluation of Perpetual Income 365 An affiliate marketing system developed by Shawn Josiah.

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Perpetual Income365 basically helps you become an agent for the program. It allows you to earn income online by receiving a commission on every successful referral.

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●    Pros and Cons of a Perpetual Income All year round ●    What is the cost (including upsells) ●    If students actually receiving results, it's a matter of time. ●    What is it like compared with other affiliate marketing programs

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Shawn Josiah's book that shows you how to become a salesperson who earns commissions with the same program.


$9 trial and $47/month thereafter or $297 over the course of a lifetime ( additional costs + information about upsells)


60-day policy for refunds 60-day refund policy, low cost of entry and landing pages are included.


The evidence isn't convincing that students are making consistently high profits, with strongly MLM images doubtful marketing, lots of upsells.


A flimsly hyped system that has numerous flaws. It is best to steer clear of this.

About the Author

Hello Hello, I'm Niall Doherty.

I quit my previous 9-to-5 job in the year 2010.

From then on, I've been earning my living online through various ways. In the last three year (through 2022) I've made $536,000 on my laptop mostly through affiliate marketing.

I'm determined to review and rate accurately each of the top affiliate marketing programs. We have here at Ebizfacts spent more than 500 hours looking into these courses, and obtaining feedback from actual students.

We'll conclude that we have a clue and a half concerning affiliate marketing and earning money online.

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The Most Effective affiliate Marketing Training?

We're on a quest to discover the best affiliate marketing courses that is basing it on our own thorough research and feedback from actual students.

Unfortunately, Perpetual Income 365 doesn't even come close to being at the list of top choices.

What can Perpetual Income 365 help you earn money?

affiliate marketing refers to when you market the products or services of others and earn a commission for each successful referral.

Perpetual Income 365 is an unusual affiliate marketing program where you're taught how to market PI365 the program.

When you sign to the program, you'll be an affiliate of the program . They will send you email templates and landing pages that are designed to turn other people to paid members to Perpetual Income 365.

You direct traffic to those landing pages using paid advertisements (solo advertisements).

This is one page that we have that are provided to you to use:

There are a lot of upsells in Perpetual Income 365 which means you could earn quite a bit for every referral.

In fact I looked up the product through the ClickBank marketplace, it displayed an average value for conversion of $310.91.

For every person you successfully refer to the Perpetual Income 365, you could make on average $310.91.

In essence, Perpetual Income 365 shows you how to become a salesperson who earns commissions with Perpetual Income 365. The more customers you bring to PI365, more income you earn.

Below is a clip from Shawn Josiah - creator of PI365 to help you see his style.

●    Find out more about the concept of affiliate marketing.

Who is the Perpetual Income 365 for?

PI365 is definitely geared towards individuals who are brand new to online business.

The promotion to promote the product is filled with assertions such as...

There's a fascinating loophole that you're about to find out that's making full-time stay-at-home dads and moms with no technical expertise, and in every economic situation.

Everyday People Without tech expertise reaping extraordinary rewards!

A 7-year-old employed MCCA to earn him $22 million per year. So if a seven year old can make it, you can too!

It's also advertised as an easy and easy way to earn cash on the internet...

95% of the work is done for You We have made all the heavy lifting automated for you.

You'll need to make an ounce of effort, but that can go quite a ways.

It's like purchasing one of the "just put water in it" cake-mixes that you purchase from the supermarket shelves. Although you'll still have to add the liquid mix The results will far exceed what you made.

Based on my personal experience with affiliate marketing and after having a look through the PI365 training and observing a number of student feedback Personally, I do not believe that this program is an effective method of earning money online.

I'd recommend caution when using Perpetual Income 365 for those who are new to online business or have a limited budget.

●    A complete list of methods to earn money online (including more options)

Is Perpetual Income 365 enjoy an excellent image?

It's not that simple, is it.

One of the most common complaints concerning Perpetual Income 365 is the false information they use to sell the program.

If you've been to the PI365 sales page, you'll have heard the mention of an "secret algorithm" in their system dubbed MCCA which is a reference to Micro-Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm.

The whole thing is a ridiculous marketing technique.

It is essentially a marketing technique that allows you to offer individuals a discounted or free initial product. This can increase the likelihood that they'll buy from you in the future, as long as they are satisfied with their first purchase.

PI365 informs you that large corporations such as Netflix, Microsoft and Apple utilize MCCA and says that you will be able to join in too after you join their program.

It's technically correct, but it's a little in error.

It's similar to being fry-cook at your neighborhood McDonalds and then telling your family and friends that you're employed for an Fortune 500 company.

PI365 uses a lot of fake scarcity to sell the program. For instance:

●    The claim states that you get "24 hours to take action" each time you go to the sales page. ●    They claim there are only 50 slots for this programme (despite there being more than 6000 members of the private PI365 Facebook group). ●    Each upsell can be claimed as an "one-time chance" but you're able to buy them all at any point after you've joined the program.

Positively, Shawn Josiah, the creator of Perpetual Income 365, does appear to be a successful affiliate marketer of his own...

This is Shawn in the picture above with the three successive ClickBank platinum awards. These are the ones is only given to those who have more than $250,000 in gross sales from ClickBank during the course of a year.

However, the items Shawn is selling to win the awards are not without doubt. For instance, he was 2nd in a contest designed to promote a program he calls ClickBank University, which I thoroughly analyzed and concluded to be a scam that bordered on borderline.

The email templates you can download within PI365 are quite unprofessional using subject lines like:

●    I would love to see this program so badly ●    ABC is as simple as 123. ●    click here to open this email and purchase now ●    I suggest you purchase this! ●    Greg suggests you purchase this!

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Perpetual Income 365 is the way it is reminiscent of the multi-level marketing (MLM) program.

The program is purchased and immediately attempt to convince others to purchase the same program. Then, the people who bought it are asked to bring more people to join the same program.

It would not bother me as much If lots of students were achieving excellent results following enrolling. However, that's not the situation...

Are PI365 students getting results?

I spent hours looking up Perpetual Income 365, looking through screenshots of earnings and student testimonials and members of members' private groups on Facebook and looking for reviews on the internet.

At first glance , it appears like a lot of students are achieving good scores.

Here are the results of one student, Ali who was enrolled in the program just a few months before...

You can clearly see that Ali made more than $2000 in just one month.

In her review posted on the page, Ali says she bought all of the upsells in Perpetual Income 365 and paid "as as much as I could pay to buy traffic."

There's an excellent chance that the amount of money depicted in the photos did not meet the expenses of the company.

Here's a different earnings screen From the "success story" site...

Rich is thrilled when he has earned his $136 commissions.

However, to earn that $136 the guy apparently had to pay...

●    $9 for 14-days of trial Perpetual Income 365 ●    $297 for an email ATM upsell ●    $320 for 800 clicks via Udimi

Thus, the man spent at least $626 in order to earn $136 which leaves him with net losses of $490 

It's also possible that students such as Ali and Rich will earn huge profits in the future, while they work to develop and improve their strategies.

However, if they do achieve good profit from Perpetual Income 365 I'm left wondering how it is that all testimonials and "success reports" I've read only mention the earnings of students who just joined the program.

It could be due to the fact that it's easy to earn money using Perpetual Income365, however it's hard to generate an ongoing income? In the end, do most students recognize this and quit using the program?

Who knows.

But the main point is: I've seen very little evidence that show that those who sign up to the PI365 program are able to make regular profits with the program.

Due to the high popularity of the group with over 6800 members in the exclusive Facebook group for members, and I have spent a lot of time browsing through their latest posts I'd have expected to see more successful positive stories and testimonials.

How much does Perpetual Income 365 cost?

The entry point into Perpetual Income 365 is a two-week trial that costs only $9. Should you wish to retain access for longer than this, you have two choices:

●    $47 per month ●    For $297, you get lifetime access

When you sign-up for the trial period of two weeks, you'll be greeted with three upsells in succession:

●    5Clicks Profit Activator $197

Get more features activated in your landing page to boost conversion rates.

●    Email ATM - - $297

Email templates to promote other popular ClickBank items to the list.

●    Perpetual Asset Multiplier - $127

Access to the entire landing page template instead of just two templates.

One of the most appealing aspects of Perpetual Income 365 is that you don't need to buy expensive software for landing pages, such as ClickFunnels as landing pages are made by the company.

You will have to sign up to join the mailing list in order to make use of the system.

PI365 is integrated with GetResponse and GetResponse, so that's the service you'll need to sign-up for. This costs you an additional 15 dollars per month however, they do offer a free trial of 30 days.

In the end, you'll have to pay for the use of traffic.

In the course it contains a short video about generating free traffic. Shawn typically suggests DMing people in Facebook groups. However, the video spends about a third of the video explaining the reasons why paid traffic is more effective.

He suggests that you purchase your traffic through Udimi or Traffic For Me. It will cost you minimum $0.40 for each click. This is equivalent to be $40 per 100 clicks.

Imagine you pay for 100 premium clicks per month. The minimum amount you pay for a year of PI365 is:

●    $306 for a PI365 subscription ●    For an autoresponder, $165+ (list of less than 1000) ●    For $480, you pay for traffic

The total cost for a single year = at minimum $951.

This is the ideal scenario, without having any upsells and spending nothing on traffic.

Perpetual Income Discount 365 Days a Year?

There's a space where you can enter coupon codes when you are at the checkout for the trial $9 however I've not found any legitimate coupon codes to redeem it.

I was given a discount on all three upsell pages after I tried to quit the page.

●    Five Clicks Profit Activator 50 percent discount ●    Email ATM Discount of $100 ●    Perpetual Asset Multiplier - $30 discount

I also noticed the 20% discount offer on all upsells when I was in the program. This appeared to be an annual deal.

Refund Policy

Perpetual Income 365 is offered through ClickBank which means that the purchase is covered under ClickBank's 60-day guarantee on money back.

The best method to receive an exchange on your purchase is to look for the email confirmation you must have received at the time you signed up.

There's an address that is followed by text such as this:

On the page you are able to create the PDF version of your ClickBank Receipt. You can also create another version of your ClickBank Order confirmation. It is also possible to modify your email address, or get access to the item you bought. You can also seek support from the vendor or request a cancellation of your order or refund. To complete this process, click Request Support and then select More Options.

I've only received one complaint from an PI365 member regarding an refund, however it appears they didn't use ClickBank to ask for it.

Use ClickBank to get your refund, and you shouldn't experience any problems.

Remember that you will not receive any refunds for autoresponder or paid traffic software since you will have to purchase them from different businesses.

What is the structure of the program?

Here's what you can see how the Perpetual Income 365 program looks when you're registered...

There's not much instruction in the course; Shawn generally teaches you how to install the system and then feed it to traffic.

So don't think you'll discover much about affiliate marketing with Perpetual Income all year round. It's not a way to start your own company here. Instead, they will show you how to advertise Perpetual Income 365 itself.

There are some bonus features that are included, but they're just a handful of PLR eBooks I would not consider highly.

When you sign up to PI365 gives access to an exclusive members group on Facebook. When I last looked the number of people who were enrolled, however it was quite not active with only 79 posts from the previous month.

There are a few posts posted in the group on Facebook however, there are still some that do not receive responses, such as this one by one of the students struggling who was posted four weeks before:

I'm curious about how much he would have to spend on advertising to make that amount of the $20 

Here are some positives about Perpetual Income365:

●    60-day money-back guarantee. ●    The cost is low to sign-up and test the program. ●    Pages for landing included.

Some things about Perpetual Income 365 that might make you think:

●    It is unclear if students are making a steady income. ●    To MLM-y to my taste. ●    Many upsells. ●    The full cost of the course is not disclosed when you join. ●    A lot of marketing techniques that are questionable (eg. counterfeit scarcity). ●    A little instruction on how to advertise anything other than PI365 itself. ●    Software that is buggy (the 4 landing pages that I created did not show up).

Other important things to be aware of

●    One of the biggest risks with Perpetual Income 365 lies in the fact that it will teach you how to market PI365 itself. If you're successful in making money through adhering to the program and you are being completely dependent on that program to earn your money. If, at some moment Shawn Josiah decides to stop selling his program - not likely but it could happen - then you're no longer a business.

Do you want to sign up to the Perpetual Income 365?

If you're novice to entrepreneurship and looking for an easy and simple way to earn money online, you'll probably be disappointed by The Perpetual Income 365.

I've seen no evidence that students are making an income that is consistent with the system.

The marketing strategies that are questionable to promote the program are also off-putting.

Personally, I'd prefer to stay clear of Perpetual Income all year round. In terms of affiliate marketing programs are concerned it has to be at the bottom of my list.

Are you searching for an "Ready to Use" affiliate marketing tool that could make you money immediately? Are you an aspiring digital marketer and don't have the resources needed to earn money? Then Perpetual Income 365 could provide the solution to all of your concerns. In this review of Perpetual Income 365 Review will help you determine whether it's the best option for your needs with regards to digital marketing or not.

Certain people's idea of earning cash legitimately in addition to their regular salary could be a myth. Every office worker has fixed salaries and be spending all their money on mortgages or housing rental and food. Therefore, they don't have investment options and are living from pay-to-pay. What do you do in a crisis in the event that you're one of these people?


Perpetual income 365 offers an affiliate-based marketing system that lets you to earn additional income in addition to your job, with minimal effort. Learn about the process as well as who developed it, the benefits of it, the risks and rewards, and much more in the remainder of these reviews. So, with no additional delay now, let's begin.


The Perpetual Income 365 program is developed by Shawn Josiah, to assist individuals in making money through online marketing. Shawn was previously employed by Netflix as an information scientist. It was there that the first time he came across the specific algorithm employed by various marketing tools. While the tale is told in the form of a YouTube video, it's still a question of how much is true.

Perpetual Income 365 is but, in reality it is an affiliate marketing kit. Its monthly cost is $47. Perpetual Income365 is designed to stand out by its user-friendliness and this is achieved through the use of a step-by step guide.

What is Perpetual Income365?

Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate for beginners marketing kit. Two fully-prepared landing pages you choose Online hosting of these pages, a 30-day email follow-up sequence, and the guide for solo advertising traffic are all part of the kit.

Perpetual employs a unique method of email marketing to increase the affiliate's revenue. But, it won't generate traffic on itself; however, Perpetual Income will result in an increase in conversion. It will cost you money to bring people on your Perpetual Income designed landing page that could lead to regular income streams for you.

Perpetual Income 365 is designed for those who aren't able to find enough time to generate (passive) earnings from work and families or social activities. The usual email follow-ups can are slightly longer in the initial 31 days than they do in the subsequent months, which means it's not necessary to go on vacation.

Creator of Perpetual Income for 365 Days days per year:

Shawn Josiah is the creator of Perpetual Income 365, which will teach you how to earn lots of money every month with little effort and with no prior knowledge. He is an experienced affiliate marketer originated from Singapore. He is a highly successful 7-figure businessman who earns a living by establishing an affiliate marketing business.

Shawn worked as an Data Science Analyst at Netflix and he was able to get access to a secret algorithm that was utilized by a variety of corporations to earn billions from online marketing. Shawn made over $500,000 in the last year through ClickBank. He previously worked as a co-seller of "Profit 365,"" an affiliate marketing tool, together with Jamie Lewis.

What is Perpetual Income and how does it work?

To begin start, you'll need to first sign up to ClickBank as an affiliate network, as well as GetResponse which is an electronic marketing platform. Once you've registered with ClickBank and GetAssist to link these to the PI365 squeeze pages with one click. This is it. You'll get the URL of your page, and you can begin promoting now.

The purpose of this page is to collect the most contact information possible from those who are interested in your service like email addresses. In this way, you will be able to build a comprehensive contact list that you could utilize to create emails marketing campaigns in the future. Traffic is the quantity of visitors to your site. Leads are people who have contact information following their visit.

You'll pay for the costs from your personal traffic. How you get the traffic is your responsibility the same way like in any another "ready-to-use" Affiliate program. The PI365 offers a handful of sole ad traffic service providers costing from $40-$100 per 100 visits.

The goal for your page's squeeze is to get people to sign up to be directed on to your Perpetual Income 365 sale page immediately. If your lead closes an agreement, you'll earn 50percent of revenue as commission. Additionally your email marketing campaign that you manage from your GetResponse account is sent to the lead who was subsequently the customer. until the lead unsubscribes the most recent PI365 customer will be receiving the email throughout the following 31 days.

Components and Processes:

The elements of a perpetual income The elements of perpetual income

Perpetual Income 365 is comprised of three components that typically help build an affiliate program that is profitable.

1. Micro Commitment

To earn the trust of a person it is necessary to first put in an effort to make a small difference to make it so that customers slowly become more trusting of them. Each squeeze page is put with the help of Perpetual Income 365 in order to give visitors micro-commitment assistance, which results in many users becoming customers.

2. Consistency Bias

The idea behind the program is to change the mindset of a customer and motivate them to buy the item. The result is that revenues rise.

3. Compound Revenue Stream

Subscriptions must be paid each week or every year. Therefore, if your product is successful, people will continue to subscribe to it and you'll be able to reap the benefits of repeat customers for a lengthy period without needing to pay more to get the same customer. However, you will require investment in the acquisition of new customers.

The process of setting up a perpetual income 365 days a year:

The email template used in Perpetual Income 365 is usually written by highly skilled copywriters, and is well-crafted enough to be converted. Steps of the Perpetual Income method are as the following:

●    To start, visit The Perpetual Income 365 sign up page to sign up and set up an account. For just $9, you are able to sign up for a fourteen-day trial period. Then, you'll pay $47 for the following month. And if you'd like to upgrade your subscription at any time you are able to do so. ●    Log into your Perpetual Income login to access your members area. ●    Choose the squeeze page of your choice. ●    After that, on your squeeze webpage, enter the desired ClickBank product. ●    Create an email template from several templates already written and set up the email's sending option. ●    The traffic is directed to your landing page an outcome of your emails. ●    If someone signs up the email address of their sign-up will be connected to the auto-responder. ●    If you don't generate any sales, the auto-responder will start sending out emails to those who have registered through your website.

Permanent Income 365 Use:

Registering for an account and setting up an auto responder will not bring about overall improvement unless you set it up every day. You'll have to track the messages you send. This includes how they're performing, if a subscriber unsubscribes or unsubscribes, etc.

In your member area, you will get familiar with the software. Additionally, step-by-step videos will be available in your members area. The entire process is pre-built within the program, and you're only a few steps away in creating sales funnels to use for affiliate marketing.

Perpetual Income 365 Members Area:

Once you've purchased the program you'll have access to the members' area. The area for members is simple and easy to grasp. It is available to any person regardless of background.

You will have access to a few welcome videos which will let you follow the entire procedure.

The $47 plan comes with a couple of landing pages, and the upsells allow you access to five pages. In the following 30 days, you'll be able to access 30 emails that have been pre-written in the region of the member to send.

Member areas will permit you to connect to your ClickBank account, allowing you to promote ClickBank products.

If you're a novice and don't have any experience buying solo newsletters, you'll be provided with videos that will show you the process of purchasing individual ads.

Perpetual Income 365 - Pros Cons


●    You're able to complete every task by yourself. That means you don't have to pay for artists or copywriters. ●    Email copies that have an excellent conversion rate. ●    There is no requirement for additional hosting as every Perpetual Income 365 accounts have hosting free for all of their landing page. ●    Perpetual Income365 is $47 per month. This is a lot less than hiring procedure. ●    This list of email addresses will stay under your control forever You can also utilize it for different business sectors as well. ●    Cheaper than rivals. ●    It is backed by the 60-day guarantee of money-back from ClickBank.


●    The content on the page Money are not able to be altered. ●    You are only able to present one product at the moment. But, you'll soon have more options. ●    To enable the automation you need to sign up with GetResponse.

Where can I buy Perpetual Income 365 days a year?

The program is available for purchase through the main website. It is recommended that you purchase it from the site and you can avail exclusive, discount codes that are not available to the public from the creator. The program isn't available at retail stores, after purchase you can use it as a digital file. Because it can be downloaded to a mobile phone or tablet and read anytime and anywhere.

Perpetual Income 365 - Refund Policy

This Perpetual Income 365 package comes with a 60-day return policy that will allow you to safeguard your investment. If you're unhappy with the result then you can ask for and immediate reimbursement by email. Within a couple of hours, you'll get the full amount back. This is the guarantee that the creator of the program has the software in place that will deliver the results he has promised. You'll reap the benefits as promised.

Perpetual Income 365 - Final Verdict

Perpetual Income 365 is a fantastic method for those who are struggling with attaining your financial objectives. It allows you to increase your income quickly and effortlessly by using simple quick, easy, and efficient methods no matter where you are. You can also reap many rewards that will improve your confidence in making money efficiently.

The program comes with the guarantee of a refund, which ensures that you will be able to invest with confidence. Are you searching for the most effective solution? Just click the button to enjoy your dream life without stress.