What is Textbot.ai and How it Can Help You Right Now?

Textbot AI is a powerful chatbot platform that allows you to publish an AI chatbot on your website that allows your users to communicate with it via text message. Textbot AI is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create your own chatbot and customize it to your liking. You can choose the gender of your chatbot, the language, the style of writing, and the way it answers queries. Based on the data you provide, Textbot AI will help you train your chatbot to answer inquiries from humans in the most human-like way possible.

What is Textbot.ai and how does it work?


Textbot.ai is a Textbot platform that can quickly make an AVA for you. But, before you begin the development, we would recommend you to refer to our demo that explains the process step by step. So that you can get an idea of how Textbot.ai works and understand the process of making an AVA for your website.

AVA Chatbot Development Process

In this case, let us start with a demo that explains the basic process of AVA Chatbot Development. Our AVA Demo helps you to understand the process of making an AVA.

Step 1. The first step is to send a text message to the Textbot AI tool. The code is very easy and will take just a couple of minutes to generate an AVA for you. The AVA can be configured to read English or any other language if you want.

Step 2. The next step is to select the language that the A

The benefits of Textbot.ai

Since Textbot.ai is free to use, it’s better for beginners to create an AI chatbot for their website and get a low user base. You don’t need to hire a developer to create an AI chatbot for your website since Textbot.ai allows you to customize the look and feel of your AVA by editing the response your AVA gives to each query. By using Textbot.ai, you can save lots of time that would otherwise be spent on trying to create an AI chatbot for your website. The Textbot.ai chatbot platform is powered by proprietary Chatbot Recognition and Learning Framework, which enables you to track, optimize, and debug your AI chatbot. Textbot uses Google’s natural language processing technology to understand the text from your users’ messages and respond accordingly.

How you can get started with Textbot.ai

1. Sign up for a Textbot account on their website You need to sign up for a Textbot account on their website. You can sign up for a Textbot account for free or you can opt for a paid account that will provide you with more features. 2. Import the text data you want to use in your chatbot On your web interface, click on the big yellow button “Import Text Data”. Select the text data that you want to use in your bot and let Textbot upload your data. 3. Create a chatbot with the text data you created On the next screen, select your Chat widget template. Select “iMessage API Chatbot”, click the Add button to create the AVA chatbot. When you create a new chatbot, it will look like the screenshot below.


Start Small Don’t build a web app right away and put all of your eggs in one basket. The barrier to entry is extremely low now, so don’t put in too much time and effort if your startup idea only has a small chance of success. Build something small and innovative, but test it out quickly. Get your product live before your competitors do. Focus on communication Once you have your chatbot built, focus on communication, and make sure it can be conversed with. Remember that it’s a person on the other end of the line, and you can build empathy into your AVA as you interact with your users. Make sure your AVA is easy to understand Make sure your AVA has a clear title, description, and tagline. It’s important for users to understand what they’re communicating with.

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