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Kobe’s definition of focus was to have the ability to concentrate, stay disciplined, and build skills. Kobe’s focus was unmatched; he knew what he wanted and had a plan to to get there. Today being Kobe Day, focus on not only meeting your own expectations but never forget where you come from. Cherish those moments with your loved ones because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Be the player, the father, the mentor, the coach, the shaker and show the world what you are capable of.  In today’s episode, a similar mentality was instilled in Drexler Velez; a Nike athlete, SDSU college student, a basketball player at age 4, a son, and a boyfriend creating his own mamba mentality. Kobe Bryant was someone we looked up to growing up and inspired us to be better everyday. Drexler’ love for the game is what keeps him going and spending time with his family as a center focus to always strive for more.  Just like Kobe said, “It’s a constant quest to try to be better today than you were yesterday.” Hope you guys can relate and celebrate Kobe’s Legacy through our stories to have a motivated mindset.

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