What Is Textbot.ai And How Can It Help Your Business?

Textbot.aiTextbot.AI or Textbot AVA is an application that allows you to automatically answer incoming phone calls, Generate hot, qualified leads for your business, and Automatically follow up with leads via text message. The software is powered by Textbot’s patent-pending technology that is capable of recognizing any spoken words in a conversation and can respond accordingly.

What is Textbot.AI and how can it help your business?

A better way to answer phone calls Textbot.AI claims to be the first solution on the market to eliminate the hassle of answering phone calls. It automatically answers incoming calls and generates qualified, time-sensitive messages for you. After you use the software, it will learn your habits, and your favorite types of calls, and will auto-respond to those calls. Textbot.AI is a telemarketing automation software that provides phone answering services, including Auto-Response Auto-Answer (Extension) Personalization Automated Phone and text answering Clients that use the software will receive a welcome call from the bot. If the bot is having a moment, it will pull up relevant information about your business.

How does Textbot.AI work?

Each phone call is now answered by a human, and each email is now responded to by a human who is always available for questions and follow-ups. Textbot.AI will decide what the issue is and what is required if there is any uncertainty. The company offers a variety of text response and auto-response solutions that will be useful in a variety of situations. Why should companies spend money on Textbot.AI? By sharing your phone number, AVA can assist you in promoting your company.

Why should I use Textbot.AI?

Textbot is perfect for busy marketers and sales professionals. Its text answering system allows you to answer phone calls as you’re driving, at a quiet time of day, or on vacation. You can also choose to let it call you back instead of using your phone. When you receive a text, it opens a dialog box that reads in your native languages, such as English, Spanish, or Chinese. The software also automates follow-up, helps with replying to emails, and can help manage your own sales pipeline and contacts. You can find out more about the new Textbot.AI software on its website, or call 818-832-0860 to get a free text message consultation. You can create custom keywords to answer your customer’s specific text messages.

What are Textbot.AI’s features?

• Interactive voice response system

• Text-based calls

• 100% automated

• Automated prospecting

• Connect leads with an expert via email

Are the cons of Textbot ai?

After using AVA or Textbot.ai for a month I haven’t experienced any cons to the system. The creator Chris and been working hard to address any bug that has come up.


While incorporating AI can often be quite overwhelming and even terrifying, businesses that understand its potential can benefit enormously from the ability to integrate machine learning into their businesses. This will enable businesses to automate a plethora of processes such as logistics, marketing, customer service, and even service-related activities. “> Over the last couple of years, artificial intelligence has become an increasingly popular word that many people (including, apparently, many business leaders) are now using quite frequently. This is undoubtedly due to its potential for improving efficiency, increasing efficiency, and improving customer experience across industries.

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