Woman ‘fed up’ with work explains how she retired at 23 and earns £7,500 a month

A woman has explained how she retired at the age of just 23 and now makes $10,000 (£7,500) a month.

Alejandra Velasquezsays she was “fed up” of working two jobs and always “being broke” so started looking for ways to make money online.

She began one year ago by investing and earning revenue from affiliate links on social media posts.

“Six months later I became a six figure earner with seven sources of income,” she said.

Alejandra has 43,000 followers on Instagram and 19,000 on TikTok.

Describing her financial journey on TikTok, Alejandra explained: “A year ago I decided I was not going to college or work for anyone else again.

Alejandra invests in stocks and the crypto market – but this doesn’t come without risks
She says she used to work two jobs and was always broke

“I was tired of being broke and working two jobs. I took a risk and started my online business.

“Ignored everyone that said ‘go to college and be successful’.

“Started investing and affiliate marketing. Became my own boss and started helping other girls do the same.”

Alejandra says she now has “multiple sources of income” including cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing, binary trading, Instagram growth, Forex and stocks.

Alejandra says she has ‘multiple sources of income’ which earn her cash
Always do your research first before investing your cash

But she admits that working for herself “was a risk” as your money can go up and down when you decide to invest.

If you’re considering making an investment, always do your research first and only put in money that you’re prepared to lose.

The same goes with cryptocurrency. The crypto market is highly volatile and is also riddled with scammers who are setting up fake coins.

Alejandra says her tip for making money online is to find a mentor and learn from them and how they make cash.

But again, always do your checks first to make sure you’re not being scammed and this person is reputable.

You’ll want to make sure they’re affiliated with a regulatory body such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Action Fraud last year warned how Instagram users are being scammed by fraudsters offering “free money” and dodgy money advice – so it pays to be alert.

Money Troubles

The question of cons is one that Alejandra often gets asked as a six figure earner with an online business.

When people ask her: “Is your business a scam?” Alejandra replies: “No, we are publicly traded in the market.”

Another is: “So all you do is travel and money?” to which she confirmed: “Yes, make money all online and help people do the same while travelling.”

Other people have asked: “Did you have to invest or is it free?”, to which Alejandra states: “Invest. It takes money to make money.”

In a separate video, she explained: “Ten months ago, I invested $1,500 (£1,100) and started an online business and now I’ve made over six figures.”

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